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  1. What are the different sizes of direcway dishes?
  2. What tells me the size of my dish on that page php?
  3. All that I can contribute is that I have read that size does effect speed. I have the standard home dish. Mine is grey. I know there are bigger ones, but I can not say with any accuracy antything else.
  4. I totally agree with the statement about being made to feel stupid. There are some forums that make some feel like that. It is good to know this forum does not do that. I am glad that ALL are welcome here.
  5. I believe you are under FAP, since when I did a complete restore I got FAP'ed due to the updates being downloaded. Just wait a while. You will return to normal speed.
  6. It seems there are alot of new features or threads opening here at testmy.net. That is good. But what has inspired these new threads? There used to be just plain help with internet help.
  7. Your downloads looks good. Try using the largest test. It is more accurate. How about your uploads, how are they.
  8. sticks I believe the the 4000 was better if you are talking about speed test. Direcway can not control the speed tweaks with that model. The 6000 is cap'ed. They control everything. There are some little tweaks you can do but nothing inside the modem. If you can get your hands on a 4000, that would be good. But the fight is not over, you then have to convince direcway to let you activate it. A good reason may be the 6000 is not working. You know something like lightening struck it. hehe
  9. When I signed my contract my installer presented it to me on his laptop. He said that after I read it and agreed to it I had to hit enter. He explained the he could not and would not hit enter under any condition. I did not get a hard copy either.
  10. That is correct. You have a 15 month contract most likely. You did not say in this thread what problems you are having.
  11. Well I have not responded either, but if you do not you will never know what he is offering.
  12. My installer could not even get my zip code to take. He put in a zip code 20 miles away to get me set up when I was changing birds.
  13. php. If eagle does not want it, i would love to have it. If you can animate it please.
  14. I live in a rural area with no local "broadband" provider. Can I use Satellite Internet instead? Would it work? Technically speaking, it probably would "work" (for limited definitions of the term "work"). Would you be happy with it? Probably not. First, a technical limit about whether it could even work: Currently, the most popular satellite provider is DirecWay (part of Hughes which also owns the more widely-known DirecTV satellite network). The initial generation of DirecWay is provided using a scheme which only supports a single PC which must run Microsoft Windows. DirecWay has mentioned that they intend to offer an alternate service which will provide a stand-alone network box, much like the broadband modem provided by DSL and Cable internet providers. This box would have a common network interface on it which would enable most any computer to be connected or any other device with a standard ethernet jack (such as the PS2). There's an alternative (I have not tested this myself) in which you could purchase an additional ethernet network interface card (NIC) for your PC. Assuming you run MS Windows, you can possible enable a feature called "Internet Connection Sharing" (a.k.a. ICS). A later question in this FAQ explains what this is. Microsoft, by no means, invented the idea. It's an old idea which many other operating systems also support. Alas I digress. Back to the issue of "happiness": There are two factors which are important to online gaming. One is the bandwidth issue I already mentioned. The second is the notion of latency. Latency refers to the delay (measured in time) required to get the data from origin to destination. Informally, this is sometimes referred to by gamers as "ping times" (the number of milliseconds required to send a dummy packet from a console, across the network to a server, and then return it back to the console.) Traditional broadband users (DSL or Cable) typically have "ping times" which are 100milliseconds (ms) or less. (A millisecond is 1/1000th of a second). Satellites have a unique problem governed by the laws of physics -- specifically the speed of light through a vacuum. When a satellite system is used, the "ping" test must transmit the packet from your computer (or console in our case) to your dish, which transmits the signal up to the satellite. The satellite then beams the signal back down to the network center which has high-speed Internet connections. It then travels through the Internet (the traditional way) to the game server. The server bounces the signal back to the network center, which beams it back up into space where the satellite beams it back down to your home. Here's the rub: For that "ping" to work, the signal has to run the distance from ground to space no less than 4 times (for a single ping). For a satellite to remain in a stable orbit at a fixed location in the sky, the satellite must be in something known as geosynchronous orbit this is a specific beltway around the Earth which is 22,236 miles directly above the Earth's equator. Since North America is a good bit north of the equator, this means the signal transmits a little farther than the mere 22,236 miles. Since I'm lazy, I'll round this number up to 25,000 (to make the math simple). I previously pointed out that the "ping" test will require that the packet make this trip no less than 4 times. Using my rounded up math, that's about 100,000 miles. Since light travels at roughly 186,000 miles per second (in a vacuum, and we don't quite have a vacuum, but let's not pick at nits) this means you'll need a little more than 1/2 second (close to 540ms) just to make the jump from ground to satellite (or vice versa). There will be additional latency incurred by the actual networking equipment both on the ground and in the satellite, as well as the typical delays of the Internet. It turns out that you should not expect your satellite ping times to be any faster than 750ms -- and your actual numbers may likely be a little worse. Unless we can pass some new laws of physics, there's really nothing that can be done to improve this number enough to reduce latency to acceptable levels. This means that players on satellite will lag behind their land-based opponents significantly... providing for frustrating game play. Those who have tested broadband game play over satellite have confirmed that the latency and game "lag" are aggravating and have reported that dial-up connections may actually provide better response time. What else do I need, besides the PS2 and the Network Adaptor, to make it go online? The Adaptor doesn't come with any cables. If you have broadband, you will need to provide your own network cables. If you have a home computer already, then you may seriously want to consider purchasing a broadband router. If your PS2 is not in the same room as your computer and broadband modem, there are some other factors to consider see "My PS2 is in a room which is nowhere near my home computer and broadband modem. Can I still connect it to the network?" below in this FAQ. this info came from here http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/NetworkAdaptorFAQ
  15. paralized2004, hello and welcome to the forum. Have you checked to see if you have been FAP'ed. Go here http://www.myDirecWay.com/mydw/common/index.jsp . Sign in and check you usage. The general consensis is that DirecWay is no good for playing games. I believe some have had some success with playing PS2. I did a search for PS2. Here are the results https://testmy.net/forum/index.php?action=search2. Good luck. Please post back if none of this helps solve your issue.
  16. jeffaroonyo24, the rev. is one of the best with satellite internet. if you have sat. you will be doing yourself a favor by checking out his site. lots of good info there. [DO NOT POST THIS URL ANYMORE]
  17. It may have been I have no knowledge to this comment though. I hope it did not, since all of us in the U.S.A. will have to pay for it.
  18. I have not been able to reach him either by email. I sure wish I could speak with him, not that I have a problem just to see what is going on. The site was fun to visit.
  19. Glad to hear that you got it working. Give it a couple of days to settle in. You should see more stable speeds after 2 or 3 days. Everytime you make a change it will take the NOC a couple of days to register them and stabilize.
  20. andrews, maybe this thread can explain it better <link removed>
  21. I had my dish re pointed to a totally different bird about 13 months into my contract. It is possible. You may have to go through all the hoops to convince them, but it is worth it. There was 0 cost to me for this.
  22. I think that would be a good idea since the 2 systems are like night and day. Cable please consider this request.
  23. Speed seems pretty stable. Given that it is Direcway. https://testmy.net/personal_stats_30d.php?user_Name=rlh24&m=03&d=20&Y=2005
  24. perfect vision RG6 75 Ohm That is what the marking on my cable says. I am not sure what that means. Can someone let me know if it is the minimum or a good quality.
  25. I am running a consumer account here. This is my speed today. :::.. Upload Stats ..::: Connection is:: 72 Kbps about 0.1 Mbps (tested with 579 kB) Upload Speed is:: 9 kB/s Tested From::
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