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2.5 gigapixel photo


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"TNO has produced the largest digital panoramic photo in the world. So, what do we mean by large? After all, modern consumer cameras can easily take a picture with 5 million pixels. Well, we are talking about a photo of completely different dimensions. One with 2.5 billion pixels - that's 500 times more pixels. If this photo were printed, it would measure 6.67 m by 2.67 m (300 dpi). The photograph shows Delft and its surroundings in the autumn of 2004. It was taken from the top of the Electrical Engineering faculty of Delft University, at a height of about 100 m, by TNO."


that some quality image  :!:

VanBuren :)

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its probl very expensive hehe


quote "Technical details

Below are some facts and figures about the gigapixel image:

    * Final image dimensions: 78.797 x 31.565 pixels

    * Number of pixels in final image: 2,487,227,305 (2.5 gigapixel)

    * Final image file format: 24-bit colour bitmap

    * Final image file size: 7.5 GBytes

    * Number of source images: 600

    * Number of pixels in source images: 3,537,408,000 (600 images * 3008*1960)

    * Lens focal length: 400 mm (equivalent to 600 mm on a 35 mm camera)

    * Aperture: F22, Shutter speed: 1/100, ISO: 125

    * Horizontal field of view of final image: 93 degrees

    * Time required to capture component images: 1 hour and 12 minutes

    * Time required to match overlapping images: 20 hours

    * Time required to optimise project: 4 hours

    * Time required to compose the image: 3 full days using 5 high-end pcs

    * Time required to blend seams / correct misalignments / finalise image: 2 days"

VanBuren :)

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check the roof of the building in the lower left corner. the mounting of the sat dish is unbelievable!

why is there no dl link?

and for all the work they put into it they end up with warped cars that look like someone took a blowtorch to a wax model? looks like their perspective correction sucked the big one.


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:D I'm like a little kid when I see all these advances we have made with all eletronics..... it doesn't seem that long ago when Polaroid was the latest greatest thing around.....very cool only thing is no catch phrase for a digital pic.......shake it like a Polaroid is cool sounding..............hmmmm scan it like a digital ??? needs some work.... LOL

8) Microwave

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