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Post ur Mug & Come see all the friendly people at tmn...and post your mug...


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Yea I posted my ugly mug and so can you. Oooops didn't mean you have an ugly mug.  :haha:

yeh i did too...and i say...if u say u ain't ugly...then post it up and prove it...but if ur ugly and proud to show it off, then post it :)

anyway u look at it...we wanna meet u

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k...just picked up my new pics of me and my grbabies...r those 4 of the fakest smiles u ever saw??...the photographer was a real jerk...and the kids were really not too happy...but hey i got 'em all in a picture together at once...oh and he could have at least told me that her strap fell down... :) the one lives in another state...so this was a one time shot...good is good and this is great

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thx for the compliment erin...yeh i was exhausted at that point so probably just a little fake...i wanted to slit the dudes throat..."c'mon kids i gotta be outta here in 10 minutes...let's make it a good one..." (hot date i think) but they weren't to close for an hour...and he did nothing to "win" them...but i weathered it well...i wish i had this one...where he had said that about 20th time...i previewed it and said "wow...do u see daggers there or what..." anyway...it's all good...

next year they'll be a year older... :) whoa wait so will i  :shocked:

not skinny at all...all hefty eaters...believe me...actually my whole family is on the thinner side...'cept me...i'm porkin out in my old age :) jk ...anyhooo thought i'd share...

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okay u guys settle down...it's an expression...i didn't really wanna slit his throat...that would be messy...i just wanted wrap his watch band around his delicate little feminine throat...

nah...jk...i just wanted to stuff his bulb up his......nose...awww hell what did u think i was gonna say?? :) ...

actually i luv him...i wanted to kiss his little pointed nose...take him home and make him my pet...thing...er something...

:haha: :haha: :smitten:

hahaha...is that better :)

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I read the payment thing and downloaded ver,6.2.7. I'm into free stuff.

Roco you are one slick Dude making those Brownie Points. :wink:

:lol: one thing I have got is persistance Coknuc ,  :wink2:

hope you enjoy photofiltre , there are lots of plugins avaible ,

I also use another freebie, adobe photodeluxe v3.1 it came with my first scanner from wayback , it seems unobtainable now  :cry2:,  yeah, I have Adobe photoshop 8 but I never used it , and took it of my puter , I like free and Kiss programs ,

so no excuses post up your Mug shots , if you dont like your photo  (so  you got ears like an elephant or a Dumbo Tat. on your forehead  :evil6:),grow your hair long or try a bit of mild artistic licence using a image program ,

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hehe, i was holding my baby @tdawnaz, my Sony Cybershot DSC H7 :)

I was aiming to take a picture of myself through the mirror in my friend's house ;)

Cool. Actually that would be quite a trick. Good job.  :icon_thumleft:


Did your face break the camera Reso?

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