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Hey guys is there any free music converter that I can use to basically rip music off a cd and at the same time convert it to mp3

The problem is the CFO at my job wants to rip some songs off his cds and transfer them over to his son's PSP...so he would like a free "clean" program that will rip the songs and then convert them to mp3......any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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Sweet im going to try those out...and as for myself personally I cant get enough of music editing/creating/etc stuff...they all come in handy for what I do :smiley: :smiley:

edit: Audiograbber is perfect too :afro:

I us cdex

I have used it for 3 years now and it works very well, I get cd quality music for the radio station.


Thanks....tried this one out and itll be perfect for him...couldnt ask for anything better :afro:

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:2funny::haha::2funny: I wondered how long it would take her to find this.

You liar Tommie, I don't wear panties.

Now, that green embroidered corset would fetcha pretty penny - but you would have to get it off me first!


I forgot to mention they have not been worn for a very looooong time.  :grin2:

[Not since she was 12 I believe]

And after these panties sell I will be working on getting the "green embroidered corset" next. I may need hazard pay for retrieving that particular item. But I feel the item will be well worth the effort.  :laughing7:  :evil6::laughing7:

Actually it looks like coknuck wins the bid. Heck it looks like he may have broken up his piggy bank for that one.  :violent1:

Note the gorgeous rhinestones.

Now for the corset. That will take some serious planning. I will have to hook up with her spy and have my spy team up. Hmm...  :lost:

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