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coknuck huny!!...u've got a whole new look...where's ur sword...i dream of that thing... :) it's like ur symbol...ur man sword  :wink: okaaaayyy...guess u wanna show off ur score...ur man score :)

hahaaa, maybe thats where the term " tough tits " originated from eh?  :2funny: :2funny:

uh yeh the term is tough titty...  :2funny: i was much younger when i had those... :)

tough tough titty

said the kitty

when the milk went dry


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Just curious, large GIF. file pics doesnt move when posted?

it does when u click it...

and no hard feelings but that has to be removed in the morning (if not before)...it's adorable...i saved it...but this is ca3le's topic and it's stickied in general discussion...

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