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Add Smileys to testmy.net!


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I want your smileys!

I'm currently looking for smileys for our forum.  We already have many but if you know of any cool ones that you think would be nice to have here please submit!  Every single smiley that's submitted will be added to our stockpile (as long as they're not obscene or crude). The really good ones will be visible in our 'more smileys' pop-up and the really, really, really good (and the right size, style) ones may even make it in the main smiley selection area.  But at the very least your smiley will be added as a hidden smiley which will be accessed using code.


[*]and tell me the trigger you want (example: [smiley81])

If you need more explanation keep reading or [url="http://www.testmy.net/pm-2"]shoot me a PM[/url]

The preferred submission (cont.)

[*][b]Step 1 - [/b]You can simply reply to this topic (note: to attach a file you can't use quick reply, you must use the reply button at the top or bottom of the page... or click the preview button on the quick reply to be taken to the full version of 'reply' which has the attachment option) then click the [i]"[u][b]+ Additional Options...[/b][/u]"[/i] (it's right below the text box where you enter the text for your post), once you click [i]"[u][b]+ Additional Options...[/b][/u]"[/i] you will see something that says "attach", this is where you'll browse your computer for the file you want to attach.  Then you just submit your post like normal.  If you want to attach more than one image for your post you can click [i]"[u][b](more attachments)[/b][/u]"[/i], you can add up to 20 attachments per post.  If you happen to have more than 20 smileys that you want to share with us then just submit them in more than one post, or better yet just zip them up if you know how to.
[*][b]Step 2 [/b](optional) [b] - [/b]Now that you've got your smiley picked out and ready to submit you can add one more optional thing to your post.  If you'd like you can suggest what the shortcut trigger will be for your smiley.  This is what is typed by people to trigger the smiley, if you want to see what I'm talking about reply to a post and click one of the smileys and you'll see... the text that it writes is the trigger for that smiley.  Triggers would look something like [smiley81] or -smiley81- or {smiley81} --- something like that.  It can be whatever you want and as long as it's reasonable I will use your suggestion.

And to everyone who participates... thank you.



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OK, I was able to narrow it down personally to 23. Not that the others were bad. These just looked more normal on here. And some just fit certain people on here, to me anyway. And some were a little too big.  :grin2:


Just my opinion.

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OK, I was able to narrow it down personally to 23. Not that the others were bad. These just looked more normal on here. And some just fit certain people on here, to me anyway. And some were a little too big.  :grin2:


Just my opinion.

Nah, the truth is I was too lazy to narrow them down, thanks tommie!  :evil6:

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  • 4 months later...

i see no smilies in the long number list... *gasp*

but i can suggest some... umm, i don't know how to make them show up with bbc code...i'm more of an html girl really...

so i'll just list urls for you to check them out... the original page can be found at http://vampirefreaks.com/show_emotes.php

1. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/aroused.gif

2. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/assimilate.gif

3. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/banana.gif

4. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/banghead.gif

5. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/borg.gif

6. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/bow.gif

7. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/cat.gif

8. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/domo.gif

9. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/doughboy.gif

10. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/emo2.gif

11. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/fish.gif

12. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/foamy.gif

13. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/girdance.gif

14. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/girsad.gif

15. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/gooby.gif

16. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/go.gif

17. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/guns.gif

18. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/haha.gif

19. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/headbang.gif

20. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/hearts.gif

21. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/hit.gif

22. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/hmm.gif

23. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/horny.gif

24. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/hugs.gif

25. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/hug.gif

26. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/hysterical.gif

27. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/jack.gif

28. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/kick.gif

29. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/kiss.gif

30. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/kitty.gif

31. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/laughchair.gif

32. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/lick.gif

33. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/love.gif

34. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/makeout.gif

35. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/mario.gif

36. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/megaman.gif

37. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/na.gif

38. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/ninjafart.gif

39. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/ninja.gif

40. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/nod.gif

41. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/bigeyes.gif

42. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/panda.gif

43. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/paranoid.gif

44. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/pat.gif

45. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/peek.gif

46. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/pirate.gif

47. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/poke.gif

48. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/quote.gif

49. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/roflmao.gif

50. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/rofl.gif

51. http://e.vampirefreaks.com/emotes/sadhug.gif

oh my gosh! there are about 10 more that I want to show off but its getting late here and I don't want CA3LE to get mad that there are so many... so yeah, check em out and have fun!

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Oh hell no.. we arent doing this. CA3LE didnt I tell you a LONG time ago  I want a smily that wiggles and rubs its own nipples while smiling, and I wanted it named shug. You said you would "try"... bunch of back tracking bull shit... Now look if I cant have mine NOBODY can have one.  :tickedoff: :tickedoff: :cussing: :cussing:

PS.... we need some more "im pissed off" ones please.  :azn::evil6:

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with all due respect resopal... its big and ugly... but nice try. Shug is just never satisfied

Wow you got me pegged quick.  :evil6:

there ya go.

[move]Holy Shit that is cool... I love it..... erin is right, its not a emoticon... but still the bomb none the less.... 20,000 testmy bucks for you!!![/move]
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