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i have now officially gone past my limits of good or even marginal taste. way past. thing is the program can do more i need to figure out how. more depravity may follow. maybe use shugs actual pic to make an animated thingy of him. him and his donkey. or something.

:2funny: :2funny: :2funny: :2funny:

ROFL!!! What program are you using to make those? :haha:

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i actually went and tweaked (hah) it.

hm. maybe a titty twister type thing next?

Resop that is fricking awesome. I love it. If you could make the nipples more obvious and the fingers making a little circular swirl over the nipples I would love you forever. BTW I saved the one you made. Seriously I love it.

[move]Thank You Resop[/move]

I thought this one would be appropriate,  I think the title is self explanatory :)

That is the shit... honestly no pun intended. That made me laugh so hard. CA3LE has GOT to add that one.
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