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Why go XP pro


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I see that most power users choose XP pro over xp home, but I never understood why. I read the main differences, and I find that for anyone that doesn't have to have remote desktop or an advanced network, there virtually is no difference. Then again, I've never really used XP pro. What do you guys think? Why would you go for one or the other?

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The big advantage for me is Xp pro's  automated system recovery wizard ,

just make a ASR back up on "D" drive ,

then trash the OS , back up and running in  20 mins  :thumbsup: with one mouse click ,I usualy go for lunch /coffee break and come back to the computer running just as it was b4,

but it costs more than XP home , but not such a big diferance as it was way back when I was a lad , :lol:


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Roco when you were a Lad they were still chiseling on rocks. :haha: :haha: :haha:

:2funny: :2funny:

No you are wrong there Coknuc, chisels hadn't been invented,

and the only calculator we used was can I run faster than that sabre tooth tiger ,  :evil6:

anyway what is all this stuff about Xp , Vista , there was nowt wrong with Win 3.1

and it came on 6 floppies , and didn't need a firewall etc,

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i thought xp home was going to to unsupported in a few months since vista is released...i read it on some pc website.  :undecided:

Not likely, they understand that it will take YEARS to get 50% of their current users to VISTA.  It took forever for them to stop supporting 98, and they still support 2000 I believe.

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i thought xp home was going to to unsupported in a few months since vista is released...i read it on some pc website.  :undecided:

From The horses ass , Microsoft ,

That's what Microsoft is now offering buyers of Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Media Center Edition. The company announced on Wednesday that it is adding five-year customer support for the operating systems, marking the first time that such extended service has been offered with a Microsoft consumer product.

The "extended" support, which kicks in after April 2009, will bring the two products on par with Microsoft's Windows XP Professional for businesses. Microsoft previously reserved its five-year extended support feature to only enterprise-grade products.

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I run a couple box's, w/ 2k, they update fine , and I love them, more than the other two w/ xp pro, but not as much as suse :) xp was built on 2k  (nt platform), secure, and none of the "pretties" to deal with.

They have released a "roll up" for 2k, my guess is the support will be ongoing for several years, simply due to the businesses that still incorporate 2k.  :wink2:

edit: as far as the xp pro, there are user settings / restrictions , that are not allowed the same in XP.  The pro allows me to set tighter access restrictions on other boxs, while keeping usability within my local network.

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Guess I will be sticking with XP Home. Mine came with that "automated system recovery wizard" in it already Roco. If you mean a built in reboot feature without C.D.'s.

Hi Tommie , I got home and Pro. I cant find this in home

Atuomated System recovery needs a blank floppy and the Original Xp Pro disk,

it formats the hard drive then puts the original Xp O/S back on from the disk,

then uses the floppy to find the backup of the shadow copy on a different partion ,

but you do need a partioned hard drive to do this ,

you initiate this recovery from the Xp pro disk , during the setup inspection , hit

F2 when promted, to run automated system recovery , then you just walk away and come back in 20 mins , it done ,  :thumbsup:

but it is only as good as your last ASR back up , but then we all make regular back up's don't we  :evil6:

This feature alone makes Pro worth the extra $$ to me , a Trojan ect , trash the O/S , WTF,

and you can turn off the resource hog "Restore " and save some h/d space,

also great if you get master h/d failure , fit a new h/d  and use ASR back up  from  my second h/d to put it all back , 

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:grin2: :grin2:

I read on Windows Secrets that MS has committed to support

XP for seven more years, so I will keep my XP and MS can

keep their eye candy. Good stuff on Windows Secrets. I don't

do MS updates until WS says its OK.

Also an interesting article on how to get a full fresh install of

vista from an upgrade CD. Appears to be condoned by MS.

I do all my backup's on a USB external HD that is never on

unless I am using it.

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well, roco, you have to understand. show up in the pacific northwest with those british squids or whatever it is you call them and see what happens. nobody will want to accept them. so if microsoft is nice enough to ship their product all the way to you you have to expect them to deviate from the standard exchange rates a bit to make sure their profit margin isn't affected. hell, they probably won't be able to spen half those squids.

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How big is this container? Surely not big enough for a car container? I think I will work on the "20 disks in the suitcase and have a free holiday on the profit" vacation model.  :cool:

What will you be serving for lunch Bro?

Well the normal over here is beans on toast or toast with beans , but as you would be a honered guest , we could rustle up, SPAM, egg ,chips and beans , or any variation on this menu ,  :lol:

Reso.... I got it sussed , Shugs can convert the Squids into TMN bucks ,at a reasonable exchange rate  so no problem there ,

Hi, me old china

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