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How To Tweak Smart BRO WiFi

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Hi guys please help my smartbro connection is unstable, sometimes disconnects due to high jitter. LOS (line o f sight) is partially covered by trees, antenna height is already 30 ft and I'd like to know the most practical solution, preferably DIY, to this problem. I know roughclaw will solve this problem but it's kinda pricy and so I'll just buy one if there's no other solution or just change to globe wimax instead of buying roughclaw. I found one practical solution here, on this thread, it's called stinger made from aluminum sheet but I cannot see diagram or attachments on this page

Post is knda old but if it worked then it will still work now as it is a design for somekind of a "do it yourself" reflector. To those who know or have the design diagrams please please repost it...


try to read my post, we cant blame smart if our connectoin would drop out occasionally... canopy just need more height and proper connection configuration,because sometimes - too much traffic in the base station(tower) kicks us off.


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I suggest if your RSSI is below 500 (just like mine), and even you orient the antenna in different positions and still RSSI is below 500, you can increase it by adding a passive antenna (also known as

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