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Bye Bye Hughesnet (AGAIN) lol


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I did it again, Hughesnet is gone but not without a headache! stupid people.

4 different people just to disconnect my service with them, what a joke, every one of them I had to give my details and explain over and over again what and why I was disconnecting my service.... :idiot2:

I am now on EV-DO Rev A and it is working great.  :smitten: very happy so far!

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Oh they tried everything to keep me as a long time (almost 5 year user), offered 1 month free service, asked if there was anything they could do to keep me and the best one was.... they told me I would no longer be able to access my e-mail account anymore and that I should think about that for a moment...... :uglystupid2:

My latency went from 1100-1600 down to 106ms.

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I am not saying I am any different from any other user of hugesjunk, but 4 different people asked why I wanted to disconnect and then when I finally got to the the woman that deals with the disconnects, she threw offers at me to stay!

I have a funny feeling that so many people have left them, they are beginning to notice a problem and now they will do just about anything to keep you.

Hughesjunk really don't have too much time left, as technology changes and more people get the options, the less we need them, of course there will be some who have no option..... for them I am sorry.

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On another note, I am happy about the switch, today I had speed down that compared to Hughesjunk and speeds are that are surpassing the upload speeds, I am getting about 44 kB/s up as appose to about 5 - 7kB/s.

In essence I am over the moon (no pun intended) with my Air Card that is $20 cheaper a month then the home package on Hughes.

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be going to Viagra Falls this year and she wants to take it with us, hopefully it will work.

:haha: ur funny...just read this part and forget that ur talking about ur computer connection...

niagra falls is a really romantic spot tho...so maybe they should rename it

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Back in the day it was transponder over crowding and I'm talking only a few years ago Satellite was the only game in Town well the rural  community :)  It seems to be a dead horse in this area of  Ontario/Canada where WISPS now overcrowd the 2.4GHz and 900MHz frequency spectrum.  Even EVDO and the newer Rogers HSDPA is available pretty much anywhere.

There will always be those who cannot get these services and have no choice other than Satellite I realize this. I'm just curious if things have improved with more and more customers moving on?

PS hi there Tommie long time noC

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Reading a few posts on Hughesnet in various places and Hughesnet is slowly shutting down home users(also known as chum) off of the KU band. As contracts expire or get paid off to close the contract.  And then new users(or those KU users willing to pay to upgrade) are being loaded on to the newer Spaceway3 KA  band.

This allows the KU transponders to be dedicated back to the commercial users who pay and don't complain  :tickedoff: about speeds for their terminals. And since some of those KU band satellites transponders have various 'issues' at times according to posts. Or a user was on a fast enough Transponder and finds the next morning, they are now on a crappy Transponder..

Imagine if there was a power failure(or even a partial failure) on the Anik F2, used by WildBlue and Xplornet. The poop would hit the fan as people would have to wait two or three years till the next scheduled satellite got put up.  :cry:

Or Maybe the ISP's would be nice and allow people out of their contracts early.......  :haha: 

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You know something weird? But some do say it is faster than satellite at times.......

Watching the TV and see a commercial for NetZero and how people in America can save something like Billions of dollars during these hard times on their Internet connection.

The only hitch?

You have to use NetZero Dialup services for about $10 a month.  :idiot2:

The commercial just blew me away.  :shocked:

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