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Did you know? exponential growth...


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A couple years ago myself and intellectual friends of mine ( we sit down for a session and discuss deep tangible and intangible effects) ask me if I though we were , as humans, we were making great advances in technology, everything that is and was going on in the human race would be a sign of something to come,  mind you no one in these sessions have an IQ of less than 135, so things can get a bit intense at times. After several hours of detangling each others thoughts and knowledge on where we were going from where we started, we concluded there could only be two simple outcomes, we, the human race will invent, manufacture, process, refine, destroy anything and everything to achieve what we quest, unspoken primordial destination of "back to the pond with you", or complete and utter annihilation of all species that at least survives the way we have known, one of the two is inevitable. After all, we should know history of this planet right ? We write it to the way we want it remembered, and all species that have once been, are reduced by nature to where they came from.

So, which will it be ? Or better question, when. It has to be abrupt, look around you, almost everything that ends, does so naturally very fast. And, we are moving faster all the time. There's so much information, no one could absorb it all. But a computer can. So what year will computers be able to "outthink man" ?????   :haha: :haha: :haha:

BTW nice vid shug

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