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To all our TMN members and guests...Have a safe and Happy 4th of July...


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This is a special day in America...but whereever you are...you're actually have a 4th of July too or did or will...

but for us this is our Independence Day...the day our forefathers signed a document that set us apart from others...

and tho there are those now that are trying to usurp that document and the bill of rights that goes with it... i still at this moment can exercise my right to pay homeage to those men that literally were laying their life on the line by signing that document. this link details what happened to those men that struck a different cord for all of us...not so much a pretty picture for them http://www.serendipity.li/jsmill/decl_men.htm so as u celebrate your freedoms that u enjoy bow ur head for a moment and say a special thanks to them that did it all for us that we may have a life that the rest of the world so badly wants...a life of certain guaranteed freedoms and liberties

[move]Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July[/move]

so lets all post up tomorrow what we did today...i'm on my way to have lunch with the guys at my dad's vfw post then on to a family bbq this evening...not much driving tonite for me...

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Indeed have a happy 4th July ,   

BTW , I would have joined in the celebrations ,but we are a bit short of TEA  over here  :evil6:

so I will have make do with some J.D. :occasion14: ,

All the best America for now and the future ,



Hampton court palace and most of our castles are flying the stars and strips ,

this pic. from Scotland

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i love u guys...

i'm so mushy right now...

i was late to the vfw...but got to have a beer and some food...but couldn't stay long...had to get to family stuff and fireworks on the mountain...which i ended up too lazy to hike up... :haha: fun day tho

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It rained all day and night here so they shot them off last night. So I BBQed drank beer and watched the fireworks. Best part I didn't even have to leave the house. Momma you missed out on the fresh out of my garden Zucchini and Summer squash! Hope all had a good Independence weekend. :wink:

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