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Nobody Home?


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This is the new board that is in testing and tweaking mode. There will be a synchronization of the information and posts from the old boards to this one eventually. And hopefully the few posts made here will be saved as well.

ca3le is busy updating the main forum right now, so it is still down as of this posting.

The speed test site is up again. https://testmy.net/ And is pointing here as the "community forum home".

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I see all the old threads and posts and the Search pulls them up. Board is active, just nobody here yet.

Gonna take some getting used to though for those who used the old board. Maybe the Sigs won't be so gigantic.

Profile is a bit hard to find to adjust settings too.

I can't remember when this board was synced with the old one, but it must of been one or two months ago when it got created.

there is a setting to disable signatures from your viewing perspective. It is in "my settings", and then "forum", "View/Posting/Email Prefs".

Profile(name) is at the top right corner of the forum and click the little drop down arrow to make various changes.

Edit: and I don't know if ca3le increased the default attached file size yet, otherwise people may not be able to attach pics, if they are over the limit of 500k.

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I think you have it right on the head, fr many years TMN has been , well, testmy.net , not testmy.net/ipb , so once owner gets things where he wants them, I'm sure he'll change the path :)

Any idea on the ETA?

Well, I'm working on a new design for the site... with that design the forums will be re-integrated with the rest of the site. Hopefully, if all goes to plan I can have that preliminary stuff up within a week.... .... but things rarely go to plan in my life, lol.

I'm really excited about getting the FULL TMN 2010 up and online. This forum is just the start.

Keep checkin' back!

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I was hoping the gargantuan humungoloid signatures would be gone, but alas, they're not. At least my content blocker still works.

I think tommie's is growing by the day. Must be growing season down south. Or else it's that squatter on top of his sig.

I made mine about 78 high by 500 wide. And other than that annoying seal keeps popping up. The next version I might make it a bit lower.

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