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Hello everybody here at testmy.net

I want to thank the people responsible for providing this website. I searched "scheduled speed test" and this is where is brought me. I am looking to log my internet speed because CenturyLink is telling me that I am getting reasonable speeds and I know I am not. They say my DSL never disconnects and that my total packet loss for 2 months is well under what the normal is for a normal 24 hour period. I hope that by logging the results I can actually get CenturyLink to do something about the problem.

I know that CenturyLink would not appreciate it if I only paid "Up to $29.99" depending on the delivered service.

Again Thank You!


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notice that in the "speed tests" link in the header up there...just hover don't click...it will show you choices the bottom one is what you need i think "automatic speed tests" you can set that up at various intervals of your choice throughout the day...also do tracerts from your end at various times...hmmm...i was gonna tell you where to find that quick click but apparently we don't have that anymore...used to be under "misc" along with ping on the main page (testmy.net )

ca3le!! where is it...???

anywho...welcome :hello::welcome: to testmy hope we are able to help you show them what's up... :booty:

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The traceroute program needed to be rebuilt so I disabled it for now. There is also server configuration that needs to be done on this new server to be able to do that. Much of the security I have on the server is blocking that stuff. I'll get to it as soon as my priority list gets smaller. I may even add a logged traceroute to the automatic test... we'll see.

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