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APC xcache memcached


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sure you do! its these ones

<IfModule prefork.c>

StartServers 8

MinSpareServers 5

MaxSpareServers 12

ServerLimit 50

MaxClients 50

MaxRequestsPerChild 4000


<IfModule worker.c>

StartServers 6

MaxClients 150

MinSpareThreads 25

MaxSpareThreads 75

ThreadsPerChild 25

MaxRequestsPerChild 0


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D why would you use eAccelerator over something like memcache , is it more image friendly ?

In my case it just seems more friendly memory wise, a little faster and works best with one of my PHP scripts. Ever file on my site is downloaded through a PHP script and memcache just seemed to mess that up. It was caching the script for files that were for a different file. eAccelerator doesn't do that.

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i disabled xcache yesterday because i discovered it was causing heavy load on my server, sometimes spiking the cpu into the 2.00 range when loading a webpage so i switched to zend temporarily because i know it works fine with worker

edit: thanks dlewis23 for recommending eAccelerator, i compiled it a few moments ago restarted apache and couldn't be happier with its performance btw it works like a dream with worker even handling 950 Requests a minute (15.8 requests every second) i was still seeing page load times of .44 seconds... i'm sure thats more load then my server will ever see. so under no load at all i'm seeing .15-.22 load times

thanks again

~ TriRan

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