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to those looking at usb microphones


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Hey all, long time since i've posted but i come bearing information haha.


i know this doesnt apply to many people, but i recently decided to start tweaking some stuff on my pc and decided to try working on my microphone because since i've bought it (like almost 2 years ago probably) it hasnt worked on my windows 7 pc. after numerous registry tweaks, driver downloads, deep cleans of my pc, and anything you can imagine doing to fix an audio error i have finally found the issue.

now get this!!!!!


if my webcam (logitech c130) is plugged into a usb 3.0 slot, it will not let the drivers for my microphone (blue snowball) install correctly, and if i unplug the webcam it will crash and blue screen my pc when they are both on at the same time! the fix is just plugging the microphone into a usb 2.0 slot and reinstalling generic windows drivers for the plug and play.


wtf caused this, i have no idea. but hey it works lmao :shrug:

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Hmm that's interesting, so when camera is in USB 3 and Mic is plugged in to USB 3 also it causes issues?

I believe you stated that if you cave cam in USB 3 and Mic in USB 2 with generic drivers it works ok?

Don't feel bad, My ASUS G73 SW ROG laptop I just had to do a factory restore/reinstall and not say 10 min after I was up and running my Realtek Drivers and Creative TRU Studio decided to crash never to work again.

Which you have no Idea how much that just torks me as I am a audio nut and have a complete (Literally) Pro Pa system I listen to my music through ( Peavey Commercial Series Amps = 2200 watts Bi-Amped, running X-over and Alesis 1/3 Octave EQ 2@ 30 Band) the sound coming out of the system just SUCKS compared to what I am used to.

SO let see today would be day # 6 of trying anything I could to get some sort of audio processing working ( seems my fall back modded driver and X-FI MB 2 setup is no longer anywhere to be found on the entire internet and I cannot find the backed up file anywhere.

I finally found this cool program called SRS iWOW that works amazingly well and with my Audio driver and setup and go figure I cannot find out how to pay to activate it past the 14 day trial, SO I try the SRS Audio Essentials ( Supposedly quite newer and better then SRS iWOW and go figure when I try to install it cannot (for some reason beyond me) Start the Service SRS something or another.

Some days I just hate computers with a passion.

And to think I still have to install probably 20 hours worth of Software, Toontrack  EZDrummer, Superior Drummer, 2 SDX packs, 3 EZX packs, SONAR X3 and its add ons, oh ya and Dang I cannot remember exactly but I think ..... ya just had to look

370,000 MIDI Drum files so ill be busy for some time before I Can get back to creating music and so on.

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I always thought 3.0 was backward compatible, but I guess not..


Yes... and no.



Type A plugs and receptacles from both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 (or earlier) are designed to interoperate.

Type B receptacles in USB 3.0 are larger than required for accepting a USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B plug. The larger USB 3.0 Type B receptacle accepts both the larger USB 3.0 Type B plug and the smaller USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B plug. Accordingly, a USB 3.0 Type B receptacle on a peripheral device can accept the corresponding plug end of a USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B cable.

Type B plugs in USB 3.0 are larger than USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B plugs. Therefore, USB 3.0 Type B plugs cannot be inserted into USB 2.0 (or earlier) Type B receptacles, such as those found on peripheral devices.


I didn't know that...

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Nothing like taking things half way. 

Sure a lot of work went into this, appears to have gotten hung up in a bubble of short sighted marketing managers and internal politics. 


The oldest most widely utilized data transfer agents since the serial cable, has been bastardized. 


Can anyone say pinout instead of physical attributes? Duh-me ? Oo

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