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1 hour ago, Pgoodwin1 said:

What tokens are you referring to? I’ve never heard of tokens with respect to an ISP


Sounds like a someone with malware... but in this case Hughes has tokens.  I hadn't heard of this until just now either.




Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 12.22.44 PM-min.png



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On 12/17/2019 at 10:07 AM, Chelle69 said:

Why is hughesnet SO slow??? Any tips on improving my speeds?? ANYONE??? 

PLEASE HELP!!( I've just purchased tokens and these are my speeds.. it wouldn't even come on till I purchased the tokens!! Help. 



Unfortunately there probably isn't much that you can do.  Have you already spoken with Hughes and they feel like everything is aligned properly and running correctly?


If you're able to test on a computer with an ethernet connection to the router and the results are similar then the bottleneck is most likely the satellite connection itself.  If you get a higher speed directly connected then I would look to audit the systems on the network for high activity.  Maybe you have a computer on the network that's quietly sharing a torrent or something else using up bandwidth.


Where are you located?  So I can help search for an alternative ISP for you.  ... I wish Starlink was operational, I think it would be a no brainer who to go with then.  With as many unhappy satellite customers we've seen in these forums over the years it won't surprise me if Starlink destroys them all over night.  Old direcway and hughesnet satellites doomed to silently orbit the earth for thousands of years as relics... with customers probably still stuck in contracts. :haha: 


By the way, if you have alternative choices available... you can probably get out of any contract you have.  We'll help you find an out.  Keep in mind, even as a satellite provider... they don't service the entire world.  Find an area they don't service call them up and act like you'd like to transfer to an address there, "oh really, you don't have service there...I thought you were everywhere.  Guess you'll have to let me out of that contract then... no, I'm not ready to forward mail there yet, I'm letting the postal service handle that later."  --- I did exactly this with CenturyLink (a DSL provider) years ago.  Worked like a charm.  Just make sure you get their equipment back to them.


How long have you had HughesNet?

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I called HughesNet to test that and it didn't sound like they would be helpful in that situation. 


I was saying that my relative was moving to Canada and was wondering if they'd let her out of her contract.  But if it were my own real account I was dealing with I think I'd be able to escalate the call up the ladder and get it resolved without paying any termination fee.  Especially if you've had service for a while.  ... or if you're within 30 days you definitely won't pay anything.


Keep in mind I also connected through to a sales person, not billing or retention.  Might work better talking to the real department that handles that.

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