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2 Logins in testmy.net ???


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when i tried to post a comment in the new newsarchive i had to log in

and it sure didnt look like the log in from the forums or the loggin from a typical testmy.net site

i tried and it rejected

so do we have to register in two places in one website ?

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Right now the news section can only be used by moderators and chosen news folks.. ( already been done by ca3le)

I think ca3le will need to either remove the ability to make comments ont he articals, or find a way to integrate the forums with the news script. 

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doesnt seem pratical at all to have 2 logins in one website

people back off already making new acount in new places cause of how many email accounts they have and username/password

so in one website register in two places seems a bit extreme

im sure cable is aware that this is not the best way, but he is not GOD and he does not have 100s of people behind him coding

i belive only him coding this website

so we will just bare with him and help in the ways we can as users and tell him what he cold do better

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i dont think he planned for anyone else to have accounts there but the moderators, but im not sure...

yea but the "comments" part should be allowed by all . He just needs to adjust the settings to allow everyone to be able to comment,. and not just registered users.

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well yeah the comments invites people anyone not only MOD to post stuff about the particular news

so it has to be taken in consideration which way does cable want to move with that

personaly i think cable if possible i dunno about the implications should allow people to post comment

maybe not at a 1st stage untill the news are all up and running smoothly but like many other sites

its something good/extra feature to have

do you guys thing cable should allow peopel to post comments or not

what do u think?

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Commenting is already a feature in the news script. Ca3le just needs to adjust the permission settings to allow guests to post comments on the topic. Sorta like these forums have a feature to allow "Guests" OR "Registered users only" to post replies and topics.

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is just that most people will not go to the trouble to register in 2 places in one web site

seems a bit crazy

so true. I know quite a few  people that will not go to a site if they have to register... and registering for more then 1 thing is like pulling teeth. :-P

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