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interesting article...:)

Guest kamil234

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Guest kamil234

it's possible to relax yourslef, or put yourself to sleep using your computer , all you need is a computer, software to make sound and headphones

to make sounds use software like BrainWave Generator or Astral.

wave:                          frequency:                                    result:

Gamma                            >30 Hz                            range of mental activity

Beta                            13-30 Hz                            assureness of brain activity

Alpha                          7-13 Hz                            Light relaxation, positive thinking

Teta                              3-7 Hz                          Deep relaxation, meditation, sleep, waking up

Delta                            < 3  Hz                          Deep sleep, peaceful nap

just something interesting i found while looking through a computer magazine :)

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normal hearing sets in at 20ish Hz iirc. anything lower is infrasound. elephants communicate with it for example, alligators use it as a mating call. watch a gator trying to find something to screw. it's neat. they lie in the water and shout out loud, but too low for you to hear. the only clue you have is that the water around them turns al;l frothy from the vibration. and a pair of headphones that can reproduce sound lower than 30 Hz? um... not. you need a large, heavy driver for that (in the speaker, not software) and it would just shake your head to mush. wave your hand back and forth real quick, that's a few Hz. that''s what the speaker needs to do to generate those single digit freqs.

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I have used BrainWave Generator alot and it's a nice product.  I have it on my site in fact.  But you could also get it from the company as trial download which only has nag-ware pop-up notice after time expires but still works exactly the same plus the nice thing is you can design your own files and its damn simple to use all around.

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