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  1. pipcan2 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in my current speed with sky (uk) before i go fttc tomorrow   
    We've got you covered @psyber , sorry for the delay in approving your posts.
  2. OCG liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Needing assistance with issues from WOW.   
    You can get a CSV from within your results page:
    First in the header look for 'My Results' - bottom right corner in this screenshot:

    Then you can see your graph
    Now look just below the graph, just above to the right of the specific results, and select how much data you wish to show on the graph, and or in the results, upper right corner in this screenshot:

    Then you can see under the graph 'export' bottom middle in this sceenshot:

    This will download a copy of your personal database. In my case, it looks something such as the following (some data excluded):

  3. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Up/Down Load Speed   
    Dhaka to Tokyo is roughly ~4800KM as well as an underseas cable, I would visit and test a few other locations for good measure. Not that you will not have a long way to go, but you could find a better route than what you have while testing.
  4. OneLove liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Please Help Me Resolve An Issue   
    By the looks of your recent tests, it would appear there are other types of games going on there.
    I would suggest there is heavy download / upload activity, which could then suggest that when you yourself see slowdowns and disconnects or time out issues,  someone is torrenting data at that time. ( In other words, downloading and then sharing files / data publicly )
     As normal gaming would most likely not consume ~5Mbps upload , nor effect any normal web browsing on another machine, at the speeds your connection is showing.
    I would also suggest he knows quite a bit more than you think.
  5. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by spudler_t in Compare your Download Speeds!!!   
    Ooops did not do something correct no Speed test came up in last post

  6. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Effect of non-static ip address on test records   
    @carref43 , I've added a graph of all tests taken from you connection ID logged in or not.
    I see you've just recently joined however. Make sure you are logged in while testing.
    Nice, steady test results by the way
    No does not require a static IP to log results, however members have their own database. Since you were likely not a member since running the tests you did, therefore not logged in, the tests are not saved in your database.
    There could possible be means to recover older results, @CA3LE would be the guy to discuss this with.
  7. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by ed_1960 in Introducing myself   
    Hi everyone!!
    I´m ed_1960 and I´m a newcomer. I wanted to join this community because in the past I´ve had quite a few problems with different ISPs. Many of them claim internet speed connections that are not true. By joining this community I hope to learn how internet connections are measured and how to track them, so I´ll have a tool I can use and trust next time I feel I´m not getting the INTERNET speed I´m paying for. Also, I´d like to get to know some other people who I can share information with in order to enrich my little knowledge of INTERNET connections as a whole.
  8. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by bongrat in glad i found this.   
    best speedtest site out hands down.
  9. hillycat liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in results explanation   
    @hillycat, Chances are the satellite beam is loaded with customers to the max, so each time someone or several customers are using the network for something other than email and browsing, the connection is saturated.
    Search around for a DSL provider in your area, then come back to before getting a plan, and search for results in your area.
 has a very large database to query results from.
  10. ShakTib liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in guide to choosing servers   
    Hi @Gio Bacareza,
    There really in my opinion is not set guideline.
    The way I use is to first test the closest server to my current location. Getting a baseline average of how the local or regional flow reacts.
    Then I'll branch further outward, testing the ISP peers to verify how well their infrastructure is connected, quality wise.
    With this, over time I can determine network loads, time of the load if any, and availability.
    At the same time I'll test the furthest locations of the mirrors, this accomplishes how well the top tier ISP peering is connected (backbones), or main arteries connecting global networks.
    It takes quite some time to get a rational image (as in records stored in your personal database here at as well as a mental image of network paths, usability as well as an availability baseline compared to others in your area, and worldwide. You can however shortcut to what is already in the public database, [] which is compromised of all tests taken at on a granular level of geography, country, ISP (and much more)  for informational purposes to use against your test results.
  11. hillycat liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Hi, new user here. Confused about My Results..   
    The type of connection you have, will lease and expire connections based on end device connectivity, or usage.
    In other words, the IP address assigned to your device, is dynamic, meaning it is not specific to you. But will be used repeatedly on everyone connecting to the beam. 
    In order to better track your results here at, make sure you are logged in when testing. As you have yet to test, while being logged in. At that point, you have the ability to control what stays and what goes, within your database. As well as only your test results being shown, when you index through your results.
  12. Motandme liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in U.S. average Internet speed is 22.6 Mbps? (source wanted)   
    I'll make the hypothesis that there have recently been tests run which are above the average, where the results might be well above the average, and in a sense, skewing the averaged equation. But not really incorrect, considering the results would be one if not the most 'live' or up to the minute correct mean that can be found.
  13. IrishKing liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Compare your Download Speeds!!!   
    @IrishKing , Head over to and set the test to run from New_York
  14. CA3LE liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Which ISP to go for ADSL line in Bedfordview   
    Your spot on there boss, it would be tremendously useful for a better UX through UI to the database.

  15. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Connection with another country   
    Good question, have her access and run a few speed tests, making sure Dallas is the test server.
    Mirrors can be found here
  16. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Which ISP to go for ADSL line in Bedfordview   
    Note: you can also do this for states.
    Arizona download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results.
    California download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results.
    Colorado download speed city rank with a minimum of 5000 recent results.
  17. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Which ISP to go for ADSL line in Bedfordview   
    Actually @mudmanc4 that lists all the hosts with "za" anywhere in the name.
    I'm not sure if that functionality is even easy to find here.  I'll make sure that it's easier to find soon.
    For now, here's a URL shortcut to make your own queries.
    /countryrank   (base URL)
    /us  (change this to the two letter country code you'd like to query)
    /down (if you'd like to rank upload instead change this to /up)
    /20000 (this is the minimum recent test count... helps filter out the less popular results, which makes for better data.  Smaller cities can appear much higher or lower because of the smaller sample size.)
    In this way you can create the link above for ZA  
    You can also look directly at Bellfordview, ZA -- look at the ISP Rank tab

    Also look at the Speed Test Log using the button below the graph.

    Not very many results in Bellfordview so I would look also at the cities nearby.  Like Germiston, ZA  (I'm not sure of the area, you'd know probably know better [larger] cities to search for in your area.  You can search on but personally I just use google and search for "Germiston ZA" or any other city.)

    Repeat that for some other cities nearby.  If you keep seeing Telkom Internet [] on top it can be safe to say they're your best choice in the area, especially if there is as much difference as we've seen in the first two cities.  
    There may be less popular, faster choices so make sure you look at the Speed Test Log and tell TMN ranking to 'Show All' -- this setting will be remembered for subsequent queries.

    So actually, upon closer inspection... I'd check out Internet Solutions [] first, especially if you see them coming up high on the list allot on the other major cities in the area.
    Just because the sheep mostly flock to one pasture doesn't mean the grass is actually better.  They may not have found the other meadow yet, they may just want to stick with what they know or they may just tend to go where the other sheep go. Sometimes the less popular choice is really the better one.
  18. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by xs1 in Changed Ethernet, splitter and coaxial and my speed is slower now?!   
    Id put the old splitter back in and retest. I've had shit luck with splitters over the years and found that the original one that come with the setup works the best. 
  19. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by paladin in Manual download testing   
    Hello CA3LE:
    Long time since on forum. Still test on here Quite often. This is still the BEST site for me.
    I can't get on here much as I am sole caretaker for my Wife who has short term memory loss.
    Thanks for the great site and Happy New Year.
  20. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by CA3LE in Testing!!!   
  21. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by Roco in Hi TMN folk   
    don't post much these days  I have regressed back into historic cars , and letting computer tech past me by in the fast lane  , indeed going back to my roots inn my old age
    but logged in to say Happy Peaceful NEW YEAR in 2017 it's already arrived in the UK ,
  22. DDFXA liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Speed test providers variations   
    @Parado I can appreciate your frustrations, as I am sure so many of the rest of us can as well. Until we get a grasp as to how the ISP we are using is actually treating our connection, compared to what we expect, especially when it becomes difficult to brows, as many of us have had that issue.
    Summer months for myself can be taxing, and I'm not always as available here as I'd like to be. It seems many people ignore working machines, which act as 'dust filters' , collecting anything which the fans run through. Once the heat of the season hits, electronics explain the importance of regular cleanings when the system thermal settings are hit.
    Just left a small companies datacenter where no filtration system was utilized other than what went through the rest of the office, three racks of servers 3/4 filled was a daunting cleaning task. I would have pics but the HR gal was adamant about not letting it out. I literally filled three office waste bags from the shop vac out of the servers themselves, and a good bit more from under and around the racks. The duct had not been cleaned in a millennia, took me 10 minutes just to pull the packed filter out.
  23. Pgoodwin1 liked a post in a topic by mudmanc4 in Suddently TMN showes different results   
    Are you on your iPad again?
    The star is Dallas and the flag in his tests are Denmark Germany = I was incorrect, when I stated "when you test in your country" , when it was actually Frankfurt
  24. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by Sean in Down & Up Combined Score   
    Test run on the Irish Three 4G network in Donegal town, possibly LTE+ (OnePlus 2 phone):

    It's also my fastest TestMy download result to date, certainly did not expect to see my first >100Mbps result on a cellular network, let alone the Three network especially with the past experience of prioritising/throttling ports.  As far as I can tell, they treat port 80 and 8080 equally now and the above test was a normal linear HTTP test with the UK server.
  25. mudmanc4 liked a post in a topic by pete424 in You can't beat my score.   
    Check out these monster numbers. I am paying $114.00 a month for Cox Ultimate! I was having a serious issue which as since been rectified.