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    • In the meantime, perhaps saving the previously used settings to `localstorage` (or some other user specific setting format) for all form values in the Auto page? (Currently frequency and # of test values are reset to default every time.)
    • My main request I've already made in a separate thread, but ability to pause/resume automatic tests.
    • great 5G speeds! about what i average on tmobile, 350-450  
    • Right on!   Thank you dude.     Definitely a work of passion. I'm happy that it shows. My life's work and relatively, I've barely started it. Can't wait to share more with you.   My mods and users have all helped immensely in the growth and development of TestMy.net since the beginning. I am the programmer, webmaster, admin etc behind TMN but YOU (the MY in testMY.net) are the ones building it. I aggregate information you provide in comments and even from just interacting with my service and make it part of my programs. Just by using the service you make it better in the future. Provide human feedback and you're really helping me!   I owe my progression to YOU, 100%. I'm constantly learning because of my users, thank you. Just knowing that so many people use and rely on my tools gets me fired up to learn new programming languages and techniques, etc.     I love that quote!   My overall goal is and always has been to give everyone, from novice to network admin, the tools they need to understand and get the most from their internet service.   I hope you keep visiting into the future.   Maybe one day I'll figure out how to get more developers involved. That would be awesome.
    • Just a rando stopping in the forums to say thanks for the speed test.   Looking through the forums here, I can tell this is a work of passion by CA3LE and whoever else is behind the scenes, and the results here make sense and are easy to follow.   Somehow, I had never heard of this speedtest before (although I don't speedtest very much), and as someone who falls somewhere in the huge void that is the spectrum between complete novice and network admin, I feel as though this is the benchmark by which other speedtests can be measured.   Thanks again, and keep up the good work
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