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    • even on a router,, I should be downloading faster than this~~~ there's a reason for all this???  121throttle speed is carzy enough><> I guess an speed wood b great IF it's free!!! ha
    • Huawei MA5800 X7 got an active alarm, but can still working normally, can anybody help to slove the alarm problem?
    • I have the USB stick made Ill try and run it later. 
    • My download speed is all the up to 6 mbps (up from 1.3 yesterday). I pay $150 a month and I am on the "Silver Unlimited 25 mbps" plan. That's through Viasat (exede). I signed up for this program because they told me it was unlimited ( it's not. it's limited to 150 g) and it was "at least 25 mbps" (it's not. my average speed is 5mbps since I signed up). In short, they lied. Their contract says "up to 25 mbps" which means any speed they deliver no matter how slow is within the contract. The service people also lied when they said they were capable of delivering 25 mbps and faster. I challenged them to show me 25 mbps just to prove they could. They couldn't. They have tried "everything they know how to do" but the best they did was 14 mbps once. They concluded that they put too much traffic on my node and they are unable to deliver anything better than 5 mbps on average. At the they are "very, very sorry for the inconvenience". But they aren't sorry for stealing my money.
    • For a week now I've been trying to get my streaming TV site to play right (edigitalplace.com) with some but little success. I change ISP provider from AT&T U verse after being with AT&T for 30 years because for 3 years I was being charged for something I couldn't even receive, now I have gone to Charter cable and after 3 months it's just as bad. After arguing for hrs with them on the phone that I wasn't getting what I was paying for and getting different speed test from testmy.net and others I was told they could only go by there site (corp. policies) they finally sent a tech and for 3 hrs he did everything from replacing the modem (twice) to run a new cable through my house down the stairs to the basement and connected it straight to the in coming line and still couldn't get over 30 Mbps and finally said he would have to come back the next day and left leaving everything in a mess cable and all. Now I am pissed so I go to my computer 10 min after he left and start running speed tests from there site (Speedtest by Ookla) and amazingly my download speed jump up to 65 Mbps -77 Mbps consistently and rechecked it with testmy.net and they were the same. OK you don't have to be real smart to figure that out. OK now the whole time my uploads were consistence at 5.--plus Mbps on all sites but now that I check them on there site they says avg of 5.67 Mbps and testmy.net says 2.4 OK is this my problem, my audio streams perfect but my video is lagging or jumping just doesn't stay in sync. And also my WiFi is at 20 Mbps and I'm 1.5 ft away from my rotor and Charter says that they can't guarantee any bandwidth speeds for wireless. I have done everything I could image from disabling all unnecessary services and start up programs to changing web browser, I don't know any more, just learning how to use this site so i'm not sure if I added  my tests to this message or even read it correctly it seems to be all over the place up and down. My Spec's Dell Inspiron 1750, Pentium Dual Core T4400 @ 2.20 GHz/2.20 GHz, 8 GB ram Win7 Ultimate 64-bits, Network adapters- Marvell Yukon 88E8040 Pci-E Fast Ethernet, Dell wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapter, Display Adapter- Mobile Intel 4 series express chipset family Total available graphics memory =1695 MB, Dedicated video memory = 32 MB, System video memory = 32 MB, Shared system memory = 1631 MB   HDD- 137 GB free space Please Help John Bouchard-testmy.net-stats.csv     https://testmy.net/quickstats/John Bouchard
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