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  1. Hello again,


    My apologies for the long time away...it's been crazy!  I was reading comments on the MTU and maybe I should have given a little more information before just spitting it out there!  there are few reasons "normal" systems need an MTU above 1500, but like FiberGuy said..in general it is an auto adjusting thing.  If the OS is old, or jumbo frames not supported, it can cause problems.  However, I seem to notice more problems when I have the MTU set at 1500 than up at 9000 .. mostly because one of my second obessions is VPN with IPSEC and/or L2TP over IPSEC and anyone who plays around with these things know that you actually have to use fragmentation in order to keep the packet overhead from putting the overall packet size over 1500.  Or set the packet size to 1436 in the host server and use an autoconfig for the client (e.g. during the phase 1 negotiation). 


    So, in order to maximize the bandwidth and minimize latency, I always make sure (even my home boxes) are set at jumbo frames and I have noticed an increase of about 40% overall performance when operating under encrypted VPN.   Again, in most cases, adjusting the MTU will do no harm, but I would stress that anyone changing these settings, who isn't comfortable in doing so, check with someone who can help first.  You don't want to completely lose your internet connectivity! 


    Since I've been back in town, I've been scouring resources on what to put in my next post here and I plan on updating it over the next day or so.  The first one was just quick, off the top of my head stuff, but I have tried to come up with some more generic, applicable to everyone suggestions for the next go.  That is, suggestions that aren't redundant, and with what a great job of thoroughness the TMN team has done, it's hard to come up with unique ideas that will actually help.


    Lastly, I didn't want to come off as just an advertisement for my web services -- my main source of income has nothing to do with networking/etc.  I just have always wanted to put together an extremely reliable and FAST, SECURE, platform for advanced users who need a platform that is completely customizable to do with what they want.


    I will be offering completely customizable systems on any operating system you like, with full admin/root access with up to 48Ghz processor resources and 24GB RAM per system with a 2GB/s public port.  You will have full control of what you do on it (within the law, of course!)


    Essentially, I have completed my initial testing and security analysis and should be ready to go very shortly.  PM me if you have interest, but I definitely want to keep the topic here on improving speeds, not on the services I have to offer!!


    Hope all is well with everyone here...I'll talk to you later!




    as far as the hosting your talking about they are VPS's right? or are you referring to offering full customized dedicated servers?

  2. - On a side note, normally i would never post competators speed test results, but i have come to notice that verizon, although give incredible speeds, will throttle certin types of data unless being pulled by multiple streams. The first pic i post wll explain what i mean. 2 differet speedtests, comming from the same host - one with a single stream , one with multiple pull streams. For this reason i will be posting an array of results from different locations across  the country to give a fair and unbiased result stack.


    Testmy.net now has a multi threaded speed test :)

  3. So far I have nothing but good things to say about them every ticket I've put in has been answered in less than 15mins even tickets I put in at 4am


    edit: also if your curious about the network i'm pretty impressed with it so far 


    i just pulled these results 




    i can't really get an accurate read on the upload because 33MB isn't enough time for the upload speed to even read correctly the port is actually reporting an upload speed of over 150Mbps but the upload finished almost instantly and thats the result that shows

  4. its not entirely uncommon to achieve higher then advertised speeds, good ISP's will provision your modem higher then advertised so even during peak times you see close to or at advertised, i know cox does this often not sure about verizon... that is quite inconsistant with the download speeds though, not sure why your seeing issues like that... when browsing do you ever notice sites not loading quite the same speed all the time? as if its stuttering when you click a link?

  5. I have not tried that, but I really am not a big fan of partitions. When I tried installing Windows 7, a window came up and asked me where I wanted to install Windows but no matter which one I selected, it said "Windows can't be installed on drive 0 partition 'x' ". When I click the load drivers button, I get a message about amd ahci compatible raid controller drivers. On AMD's website, the drivers are the same for the 9 series chipsets for 7 or 8 so I really don't know what drivers it wants.


    typically you want a different partition for each install of windows due to the filesystem structure it puts into place, you will not be able to have a working windows 8 and windows 7 install on the same partition one will overwrite the other

  6. Not sure how they can lock an os like that when you can always use gparted to completely wipe a hard drive clean os included as far as installing 7 over 8 you can't just downgrade you'll have to boot into the Windows seven disc and format the hard drive to remove the old os then do a fresh install of Windows 7 with a quick Google search of 'how to do a fresh install windows 7' should pull up the steps

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