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  1. I believe so... but haven't tried 2X yet
  2. Of course you still have to point it to the AP (Remember the LOS rule?) You'll use just the Satellite Dish (Just the dish, the reflector) and not the receiver, your receiver will still be the Canopy SM. Google is everybody's bestfriend, try to make friend with him. In other words, GOOGLE it!
  3. You'll see in your canopy page something like this: Session Status : REGISTERED VC 28 Rate 2X/1X If it says 2x/2x then your AP is in 2x mode. If it's just 2x/1x then it means your SM is in 2x mode but operating in 1x coz the AP is not 2x capable yet. If it's 2x/2x then you're on 2x mode.
  4. You will be disconnected from the Internet If your AP is not operating in 2X then nothing will happen but if it is then you'll be set to operate in 1x only.
  5. Just explain everything about the cost of living going up and also the high taxes and other expenditures What state are you from by the way?
  6. Isn't it more memory hog than the stable one?
  7. Trying won't hurt you Just try until you succeed and if you fail, look for a work around
  8. Well, it may or may not but using it directly out of the box won't give you anything
  9. Are you sure those towers are Smart Towers and if they are, is there an AP module on that tower? Operational Mode means your SM is operational and AIM Mode means you are not registered with an AP and is using the AIM tool in Canopy to check for avail APs and their respective params.
  10. I guess yes, the only way to get the Physical Address/Mac Address is to go up the roof, take out the Canopy bottom cover and get the ESN. Or use this hehehe 00-1a-64-63-ce-a1 Hope I helped you
  11. First, what does this mean "patalon-talon"? Second, Spectrum Analyzer and Alignment won't fix it. (You can use Alignment to check the params you are getting). Is the AP with low RSSI near you? If it is, maybe your SM is not in LOS with the AP. Call Smart and ask for a technician (Make sure you tell them to send SMART personnel and not Contractors.)
  12. Maybe I should be talking to a rep who don't play poker so he/she won't notice I am bluffing LOL. Yeah, I'll let you know what happens.. will be back there in like 2 weeks sheeez! I miss home Well 2 weeks...and home sweet home
  13. Great analogy CB hahahaha I guess this analogy explained it well
  14. Lucky you.. LOL... My AT&T connection in CA has never been upgraded for like 2 years Lemme try that with AT&T when I get back there
  15. Would you mind posting in pure English? We can't understand you
  16. It won't work for X-box Live. I already tried it. Even on PS3 I can't use it. Smart Bro's designed for simple surfing, chatting, research. Basically the basic internet commodities a HighSchool student needs.
  17. That's because the MAC Address you got is your NIC's mac address and not the Canopy's If you can access the Canopy Webpage you can find the ESN/MAC Address of the Antenna there.
  18. Yep Don't worry my ISP in the US kinda acts up once in a while Don't worry, I will be right here hehe..
  19. CIR or Committed Information Rate - supposed to be this is the lowest possible bandwidth you can get. MIR or Maximum Information Rate - this is the maximum bandwidth you can get.
  20. CIR = Committed Information Rate MIR = Maximum Information Rate
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