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  1. The antenna swinging from side to side will reduce your connectivity with the tower. Put guy lines on the pole to stabilize. The wind swaying will cause your peak pointing direction to shift slightly. So one minute you are pointing at the tower and then you are pointing ten feet to the side of the tower and then at the tower and then two feet to the side of the tower.. Or even having your SM going up and down. Pointing low then pointing high.... It all depends on how much your Subscriber Module(SM) needs to be pointed dead on. .. I was on a directional antenna once to a tower and the mesh of the reflector dish wiggled a little bit in the high wind and caused a noticeable affect in my page loadings..
  2. Our Neighbors in the deep, deep, deep, deep South, have decided that 'law is irrelevant' and that FileSharing(CopyRight Infringing) is evil. And If someone 'accuses' a computer user of FileSharing, then that is automatic Guilt. Then Punishment shall be disconnection from the Internet. No need for that 'Evidence' stuff either. Or Courts, with an actual Judge.... The Legislation does stop short of hitting the FileSharers in the back of the head with a rubber bat. The article goes on to describe that Schools, etc. could be disconnected, if implemented via a groups IP Address. Buy your music. Unless the album is crap and you only wanted one track.......... Well thats the excuse for filesharing Copyrighted material, Right? http://torrentfreak.com/campaign-to-stop-file-sharers-being-guilty-upon-accusation-090105/
  3. Well at least you give it a try(even when you have to tweak the Fix to get it to run.) to repair machines. Some 'techs' find it so much easier to just reformat a machine, instead of working with whats there. On the Mozillazine forums(FireFox,etc.), some posters home 'Tech' told his client ,after a reformat, to use Windows defender and Windows firewall and AVG free. And many computer users just use the 'Restore' feature. Until the bug climbs back out and kicks them in the ass....... http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=1021815 Quote from the thread... "My technician says that my new security plan (Windows firewall enabled, plus running AVG, plus windows Defender) would have prevented the trojan in the first place"
  4. What firewall are you using? Maybe it is blocking silently via mystery program? EDIT: or it put a block via your hosts file.. Also there is. http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10896905 Now this is cool... Your firewall should ask you if this linking is okay to do.. Good test for connectivity. http://www.artspan.com/community/showthread.php?t=196 How to get to the web if your browser is blocked or broken If your web browser software is blocked by administrative policy, or not working, you may still be able to get to web sites. This is a case where Help can actually be helpful! Open a program such as Microsoft Calculator. Press the F1 key to open the Help window. In the top left corner, click the "document with a question mark" icon. Select "Jump to URL." Type in the URL of the website you want to visit, and it comes up in the right pane of the Help window. Important tip: you must type the full URL, with http:// not the shortened version that starts with www.
  5. That screen shot looks like when a site is experiencing heavy use and goes to text mode. Turn off AdBlock plus and try the site again. EDIT: you could also disable any other extensions to see if there is a conflict between two of them. And then re-enable them one by one. And FireFox 2.0. Versions are almost at end of life. Upgrade time to 3.0. .
  6. YouTube!!!! Careful on file sizes. Lets say that each video could be 10MB's or maybe 20MB's if high definition file.. And some people watch 3 videos per session. There is the FAP free period between 3 am and 6 am eastern time for your larger updates. http://go.gethughesnet.com/faq/1_06faq.cfm?hf=0 Ethernet cable lengths. But there is probably someone here who's knows how far you really can go before the signal starts to degrade. http://www.duxcw.com/faq/network/cablng.htm http://www.homenethelp.com/web/explain/maximum-cable-length.asp A Wired Router off of the Satellite modem. Ya never know if you want to have both going at once, for checking email... Or a combo Wireless with Wired router, but turn off the wireless cause some people have been bitten on the FAP by mooching neighbors.. And with the router, you may be able to throttle the second systems speed to avoid hitting the FAP quick.
  7. I have,,, Firefox. Opera. Internet Exploder 6 for Windows updating. But some browsers out there are only 'shells' of Internet Explorer and come with the same security holes of Internet explorer. And FireFox is about a 20% market share on the web now.
  8. If you were going to run the second Satellite cable anyways, How about 'just' run a 'good' Ethernet cable from the router in the main house out to the guest house? You would just have to measure the distance from router to other computer and check for maximum distance you can run without any loss of signal. And you want Spaceway3 as your satellite(HN 9000 modem, KA band. 95 degree west Longitude). If the satellite is too low for you , then they will put you on a KU band satellite if a elevation issue with the trees. This is neat to see it's position of the Spaceway 3. http://www.n2yo.com/?s=32018 EDIT: And remember with kids, your maximum daily(24 hours) of data transfer. If you go over, you will be sent to dialup speeds basement for abouts 24 hours..
  9. No. Still stock firmware. I've only changed the stock passwords and the usual other security settings. Dropped the range when I got it, so it only stays within the house. Haven't dug too deep to see why the 'Auto-Scan' crashes the thing. Or why auto-scan has not caused it to act up all this time before.
  10. So I has figured it out. Seems that in this Siemens SE567(DSL modem/router with wireless), there in the wireless settings. If I leave on "enable auto scan on power on" , that is causing the crashing(A default setting). A quick test of it was to click "auto scan"(new channel), and it crashed within a few seconds to reboot. Seems to be posted as a firmware flaw, but only affects a certain number of these units. Something so simple, yet had this unit for 16 months and no major problems other than these two time frames. So last night when I was surfing/streaming a radio station, it was rebooting roughly about an hour or so apart and the log this morning showed that it had rebooted about an hour and a half before I woke up the XP machine. And so far 5 1/2 hours and no reboots. If it happens again, then new unit will need to be ordered. But figuring it out, sure beats playing with tech support.
  11. Maybe this borrowed post will help you resolve the speed issues via a wireless connection, with a Tablet PC.... Otherwise maybe someone with FIOS can chime in..After the late night parties.... 1) Download the newest drivers and use Windows to manage the cards. Don't use Intel Pro set. 2) Uncheck the defaults in the driver settings and manually set what you need. If the default setting is what you want, uncheck the default box, change the setting then change the setting back to what you want. 3) Make sure you set transmit power to high !! 4) set the roaming aggressiveness to be appropriate to your environment. If you have only 1 AP and/or the client does not move much set it to low. If your device is mobile and you have many APs set it to high. 5) Make sure the network settings are set so that you do not scan for better networks and connect to them. Having this enabled causes 2 problems, the card wastes too many resource scanning other networks for no reason and the card may try to connect to these networks even though you do not want it to. 6) If you have a mixed mode environment B/G manually set everything to B or G. Contrary to popular belief in a network with both B and G clients, clients will perform better if they are all hard set to B than if you have a mix of B and G clients associated to the AP. This is a problem with almost every AP. The AP switching back and forth between B and G modes slows everything down dramatically. Even if you connection says 54Mbps.
  12. C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedInkInputPersonalization.exe This is also part of Vista Tablet. Are you a desktop or a Tablet?
  13. http://www.vistax64.com/vista-general/112316-eulalauncher-exe.html#post538685 O4 - HKLM..Run: [ECenter] c:dellE-CenterEULALauncher.exe Go in to the Dell E Center I suppose Dell does not wipe the systems and reinstall the operating systems? Leaving old junk can screw up things.
  14. C:WindowsSystem32WTMKM.exe ...Macro key manager? (EDIT: Vistablet ) Check out this line to be sure it is good or bad.. Google is not definitive on it.. Download this one for another Malware scan. It is a good one. Just to be sure nothing is residing on there. http://www.download.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10896905
  15. Initially.... EULALauncher.exe There is something waiting for you to authorize a end user agreement. Preinstalled Dell Maybe? You have a Vista machine. Update AdAware to 2008 version. 2007 sucked.... Is this the only Vista machine? There are settings you can do for FIOS and optimization for Vista.
  16. I was going to recommend this automated HiJack log analyzer, but it seems to be experiencing high use... http://www.hijackthis.de/ So You won't be able to get in right now. But post your log and maybe some here can see whats wrong.. A lot of sites are experiencing heavy log postings. Latest HiJackThis version 2.0.2 http://www.trendsecure.com/portal/en-US/tools/security_tools/hijackthis And do you mean 14'Kbps' instead of 14'Mbps'?
  17. Just for testing. But... Occasionally the router has tried to give out the same IP to the second machine when it woke up. Maybe about 6 times in over a year, but that has not happened in a while.
  18. Just surfing regular webpages(Digg,Fark,etc). But sometimes I'm just sitting reading a site and out it goes. Or sometimes I am playing an 'on system game(Freecell)' on the computer and watch the lights go out as the modem reboots. This computer does have a couple of quirks that don't show up in the error logs.. There is a small chance that it has to do with my ISP, but last time(Oct) when I asked, "No network servicing taking place". But my Mum has the twin same machine without the quirks and she had the same thing happen for about a week several months ago with just the standard DSL modem(without router), in a different town with the same ISP(New hard drive going in to that machine in January for the one that is failing right now). But Her computer was not to blame in that case....... But since I have to do a repair to my connection occasionally for the XP box and not the other two???? I tend to lean towards it not being an ISP issue...Actually the Wife rebooted this morning cause the XP could not use the Ethernet port to go online and a reboot still was a no go. And I had to use the repair function. Well at least she did not try to wake me up like some other times in the past with dialup not connecting(ISP issue).... Also I do have a 'static' internal static IP on this machine, but no difference from having the Modem/router issued IP... And the IP range is set up about 10 last octlets above what the router tries to give out to the other machines. So no conflict errors.
  19. I have just switched out the Ethernet cable to see if the problem still happens.. .. Let ya know in a day or two.. Since the removal and reinstall of the new cable gives the same error in the logs(without killing the DSL modem that is)...
  20. This problem is a butt scratcher. What happens is the Ethernet port has some type of instant malfunction and kills my DSL modem, causing the modem to reboot. Siemens SE567 combo Modem/Router. I was running with a Dlink Ethernet card in a slot, so I pulled it out and went back to the Ethernet port on the Mother Board. Problem went away for a week or two then reappeared. About twice a day this is happening(not every day)... Note That I have put in new hard drives and reinstalled the operating system of XP SP3 a few weeks before this second round started. Problem was happening about Oct 1 2008. And then disappeared after about a week. So now it's Late December and it has come back... Compaq Trashario. 7 years old..... And sometimes this week coming back from standby, I have to do a 'repair connection'.. Otherwise no problems ever with Internet speeds or browsing. My two other systems don't cause this to happen(Vista and Ubuntu Linux).It's the XP box to blame. No errors in Zonealrm or Avast.. And bug free for ever... Other than the 3 crapwares that came pre-installed on the system.. Hope it's not a Mother Board problem....... Theres no guarrantee that this system will reboot with a new Mother Board, since it's a OEM version of XP.. error logs............. First happens.. Source: Tcpip Event ID 4202 System detected that network adapterdeviceTcpip was disconnected from the network. And adapters network configuration was released. If it was not disconnected, it may of malfunctioned.. Then second... Source: Browser. Event ID 8033 The Browser has forced an election on the networkdevicenet Bt.Tcpip. Because a master browser was stopped. Then third.. Source Tcpip ID: 4201 Network adapter connected.
  21. And make sure the second drive is set to slave with the jumpers. And the main one to primary.
  22. I was just reading about that last week. Interesting the way things are going to increase Ram.
  23. Now I can't remember where I read it, but some tech support worker told a user that they needed 4 gigs of ram(from 2 gigs) to speed up their Internet connection. Imagine how fast your connection could be with 128 Gigs of ram... But with more memory to avoid the page file, I suppose. My minimum for the new machine will be 2 gigs.
  24. I've seen some nice case mods on the net. But I just like the simple tower that can fit stock parts. Also lower price as well.. I'd reuse this case, but then I'd have to do something to the front cover with the Compaq logo's on it.. Another project. Some case mods from Google image search.. http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=case%20mod&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi The pizza box mod may be a fire hazard, but the smell of old warm pizza should be a sign of danger. http://www.techchee.com/2007/12/20/pizza-box-pc-case-mod/
  25. I have Vista 'Basic' on the kids Box. The specs are about the same as my 7 year old XP box, And even though the Lenovo Vista Box is 1 year old. My XP Box can run circles around the Vista Box. Maybe Vista 64 'Ultimate fighter' is faster, but there are some reviews calling Vista the Windows 'ME'(now whether the review is basic or upgraded versions, dependant). Remember the Screen Savers from the Tech TV network? Before that damn game channel killed all the goodness and I locked it out of my satellite receiver box..... Well they kept up with Windows Operating systems and installed 'ME' and then uninstalled it due to crashyness, reverting back to Windows 98 SE. Was a nice show to keep up on the latest specs. Was fun to watch the over-clocking show. 3.8Ghz with nitrogen cooling and still boots. Just before Hyper-threading if I remember correctly.. But the Internet joke is that 'Windows 7' is 'Vista SP4'. I'll have to keep looking at the un-biased reviews through the months.. I have not delved in to the specs on Vista Ultimate and 64Bit. Just don't want to have the next operating system come out and Microsofty kill support for Vista early..... XP will never die ...... But the Vista Basic keeps getting more stable as updates get applied. A little over one year ago was a blue screen a day or two. Now that is about once a week.... My XP box has not blue screened in ages. Maybe a dozen time over 7 years abouts.. But I see that enough protection programs are 64 bit 'complaint'. Which is good..
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