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hey rlh24! Thank you for posting this. No, there is nothing wrong with doing what you are doing! In fact, if you run out, I have at least 10 more people can have. If your innterested, email this guy (not me  ;) ) first, then  when he runs out, i can provide you with one or two.

thanks again!


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yo guys, ive got a question about gmail. ive been using mine for about two-three months now i think, and only recently have i really been advertising how many invites i have on most of the forums i go to. ive sent out 10 so far and 2 more people have "reserved" invites from me until i can get more from google.

so my question is, for all those whove used gmail as long or longer than me or know more about the invite system, how often do they give invites back to you? this sucks having to tell people, no i dont have any more, sorry, but ill send you one when i get more from google...

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i remember reading somwhere that google just randomly selects a pool of people to give you invites, so it could be anything from tommorow to like a month or somethin

i remember i got new invites like 2 days after i sent out my old ones, but then after that it took about 2 or 3 weeks till i got more

so, im not really sure how they do it, but according to some site i was at a while back, they said it was all just completely random

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woooo got 4 invites just now already sent out two! that site is stupid, .s1 ive looked over googles privacy statement and it says that emails may be on the server even after u delete them but Google is not allowed to read them unless you ask them to.

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