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How long do you think TestMy.net should keep records of scores?  

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  1. 1. How long do you think TestMy.net should keep records of scores?

    • 1 Month
    • 2-3 Months
    • 6 Months
    • 1 Year
    • Forever

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User input needed, my database is aproching 2 million records and I need to start thinking about what I am going to do...

If I do trash scores it will only be for non-members - once signed up your scores would stay in the DB forever (or almost forever).

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I think that a month is more than enough, why have that space taken up for really no reason.??. However I agree with 'resopalrabotnick ' I think this is the best answer yet. Plus with it only saving 3days of Non Members it might make them want to join. However I don't see why they don't go ahead and join anyway, cause this is the most accurate site as far as speed tests goes. At least I think so anyway. It is by far the best that I have come accross, plus you can't beat the people here either.  :D :D

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You seem bent on getting more members here, yet most still don't post. Also, it seems that many are only interested in getting their speed up to par and then they leave. And if their speed is fine already, they don't bother to post.

I vote for a fixed size of the database, and a 1 year save for members.

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I have to also factor in the cut and paste deal, test validation... once removed from the database the score will no longer be able to be pulled up.  But I guess upon lookup if a score is not in the DB I could give a message like "No results found, this does not necessarily mean the score you are trying to validate is fake, TestMy.net only keeps non-member stats for X months" -- The reason this is a factor is because alot of people post those validation links in other forums (that was the whole reason I made that... to market the site ;-)) and if those links die too quickly it would be a bad thing.

But I think, myself, that two months should be good... and 1 year for members, doing this now (back to Dec 1st) would prune 1.2 million records and leave me with 420,000 records..... which is still a buttload to work with.  Dealing with a database this big sucks because to execute a command that effects the whole database takes a VERY long time to do.

Keep voting..

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