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little downtime


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i've got everything back up.  We were hit with a little web based attack.  I'm be working tonight to make sure these punks won't be able to mess with us anymore.  The bigger a site get.. the more people want to mess with it.  I'm suprised we went this long without another attack, it has to be a record for testmy.net (made it a couple of months this time).. haha.  Although, people still try to hack my SSH at least 100 times a day (no joke), little do they know they're playing in the wrong port, bah ha ha.

Anyway.. sorry all you TMN fiends.  But it's back online now.


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Sometimes I think water or tdawnaz needs to slap you, you silly brit.  :twisted:

You know our damned subtitle machine is broke. Have you got a loaner we could use?  :?:  :?:

OOh any chance on the slap , especially with the ruler across the back of the legs,

my Schoolteacher back in my Jr. school days used to grab me by my belt , bend over and lash me across the calves , the pain was worth it, just to watch her go red faced , and all her intersting bits would wobble  :shock:    Bring em on pal ,  us Brits are never happy unless we are suffering,

No can do on the sub-title m/c mines a clunker , and after 8 months on testmy.net , I am having trouble with my English-English anyway , The boss tripped over a parking cone , and I said LOL , got blank looks from the others,  perhaps it was best nobody understood  :oops:

back on topic, thanks for the explanation for the downtime, I nearly did a AS-Recovery  again,  :whaa:

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yeh...don't anyone ever panic...this stuff happens and the bigger the site gets the more of a target we are...so i'm told...but help is always on the way...just don't keep trying to load the pages...just go do a load of laundry or wash ur dishes or watch a movie should be back up by the time u get back...

there's enough of us watching that it's never down for long...and one of us is on the horn to ca3le...and he's just a step away from the fix... :D

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Oh, I prefer the panic routine.  :confused2: Spyware, adaware, malware, and virus check.

Then a total defrag and disk clean.

Eveytime TMN goes off the air, my computer gets cleaned.  :tongue:

Then I am not sure it will run right, nothing runs right after I clean it.

Might be because it is where I spend my online time.  ;)

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