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Should the navigation in this forum use images or text links?  

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  1. 1. Should the navigation in this forum use images or text links?

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Text, site still loads kind a slow, but its much faster without all the images.

Off topic, I wont be getting ISDN now, have other plans, and i will be keeping my slow *** dialup much longer, usually connecting at 26.4K.

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I have overrided the default theme... if you don't like this theme you can choose another on in your profile settings

there is "Default With Text Buttons" which is the old theme with text links and "TestMy.net Theme" which is the old theme.  There are two other themes if anyone wants to use them.

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Yea I can finally read my shit too  :evil6:

I didn't make this theme, I just tweaked it a bit ;-)

SMF is the best forum management system ever!  There is SO much more stuff I can do to perfect the output of everything, it has seriously made this site 200% more interactive.  I took the time the other day to write the SMF team a thank you letter.

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Oh by the way (I posted this in the mods only section but I guess I will let everyone know).

I modded a few things in the forum structure to make it communicate better with mySQL --- so if you notice pages loading faster and smoother... this is why  :cool: - It also now holds a persistant connection with mySQL and that too contributes to the smoother transactions.  On my end I see a HUGE diference with loading time in the forum. 

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