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Texan( 3rd generation)

American( First ancester that wasn't Native American arrived 1720)

Part Native American(ancesters here a lot longer)


I feel my roots to anywhere but America have been pretty well bred out.

I could give a whole list of European nationality ancesters .

A quote from John Wayne " There are to many hyphenated Americans"

Meaning be an American if you live here,be proud of it & drop anything else.

If you live in another country then be proud of that country(if that country is too bad to be proud of then leave or make it better.)

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Old enough to know I should know better. :-P


Friendly New England (MA) :angry5: Yes, I'm the guy who won't let you merge onto the highway...since you're only going 40mph you #@%$$&#*(!!! :evil6:

just do like i do.... hit 'em and go baby go! :evil6:

nom realy tho...dont.....  :oops:

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