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guys i need your opinion about this LCD monitors


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im about to buy a new computer set and i saw a nice package..im from the philippines

the specs of the pc are listed below:

Intel Core 2 Duo

Core 2 Duo Motherboard

2GB DDR2 Memory

LG DVD-Writer Drive

160GB HD

512mb pci-e graphic card

atx power casing

keybord/mouse/speaker/500watts avr

and 15" AOC LCD monitor

this package cost 25,000 pesos

and i want to uprgade my monitor to a 19" monitor

the shop has only AOC and ACER 19" monitors

if i chose AOC 19" the package price will be 28,000 pesos and 29,000 pesos if ill choose the acer 19"

pls check out the links of the 2 monitors below:





ill need your opinion guys ,what is better among the two.


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L4L:  I am no geek but for my money the Acer is by far the better of these two.

        Put the specs. side by side and the Acer is better.  Better contrast ratio

        and 3yr Warranty.  Also better connectivity.


        Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Other brands of monitors, such as Acer, BenQ, Envision, KDS, LG, NEC, Philips, Planar, Preview, Princeton, Samsung, ViewSonic, Westinghouse, are sold separately. Many of those companies don't make their own monitors but buy them and put their own brand label on them.

It would be nice to know for sure on who makes what, and who's is just a label.  :wink2:

So like getting a Gateway monitor for an Acer price.  :evil6:

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