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Parents used for a while...........Worked great for a while but after a few months alot of calls were lost or wasn't able to hear the person who called when you answered.  Best bet would be to use it as a fax line if you do get it; only way it would do you any good.

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Thought about it a few months a go.  Did a search on line and similar to what was mentioned above, the only people I could find that had anything good to say were the ones selling the crap.  There are many complaints about it working for a short while then quitting.  Tech support was pretty much non-existent.  Some customers wound up buying a couple different ones all with the same problem.

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my friend has it...and has for awhile now...and she likes it. the only thing i know of...and she can't hear it but when i'm talking to her it beeps about every 10 minutes or so...(yes we talk that long :haha: ) she's been told that by others too...gets anoying after awhile but for 20 bucks a year...what the heck...

my son had it for awhile too but then he moved...probably got lost in the move...at the time i never asked what he thought of it...i thought it was just another of those "as seen on tv" things...but he never complained...so i dunno...

my friend loves it...

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My uncle whos a very cheap ass has one and can swore by it

He has been trying to persuade me to move to it more than the damn people who sell these things

:2funny: :2funny:

As for me its all cell phone

I got cricket so i have unlimited everything so fuck a house phone and if i had one it would be skype

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dark06 does cricket work for you? i mean when i had it, it worked perfectly, but after paying a bill on it for 3 phones...they turned around and said i didnt pay and even after showing the reciept to them they said that i would have to pay again, so i dropped it.

the wife has cricket and they never did that with the bill and a shut off. They only shut her off when she's late.  :lol: (which used to be often ) I have verizon unlimited.

Are you dreaming of a genie? A short one with light hair shug?

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I have thought this since the first time I saw this thread and I must say it. I can not contain it anymore...... Every time I see the title of this thread I think of slang for masturbation. Dont ask... I dunno.  :undecided::lol: :lol:

:iamwithstupid: I'm trying to not make an innuendo and rune this tread! :evil6:

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Cricket works alright for me man.

I like the service

I actually had them charge me twice this month but I call them and they fix it plus gave me a $15 credit

Its the first time its happen and i cant complain much

The only thing that sucks is that its in very limited areas but here in Texas they handle the big 4 or " the triangle very well which is mostly where i travel

The triangle is a huge area made of the 3 legs created by San antonio to Dallas , Dallas to Houston , Houston to San Antonio. Each leg is about 200 miles and they handle all 4 major cities here. Dallas San Antonio Houston and Austin ( Where I live)

Plus a bunch of smaller cities like Courpus , Brownsville/ Mcallen, metro , El paso, Eagle Pass

So yeah they work in all the major areas that I travel in. The service does have a few dead spots from major city to major city but thats to be expected in a state with such a big distance to cover heck even Sprint and Verizon still have work to do in TX

The only complain is that in big festivals (which happen at least once a month in Austin)  the service is useless since there is such a big population (200K+) in a very small area all trying to call each other at once. their networks get bombarded with request.

But i mean the biggest news at this years SXSW was that the Iphone was unusable since there were so many people on 6th st (literally hundreds of clubs and venues in less than a 3 mile radius )

there were probably a half million people all in a 3 mile radius and guess which phone and service was the prefer one?

The iphone and Ipod and ATT 3g network went to a crawl even after they brought temporary satellites to put in the middle of the street corner (costly) it was still a hit and miss.

I had businessmen people with their big fancy Iphones come up to me and ask me if they could use my phone cause mine even though it took like 30 secs to connect was still usable once it connected

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