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"n00b," "noob," "newbie," or "newb": Combinations synonymous with new user. Some leetspeekers view "n00b" as an insult and "newbie" as an affectionate term for new users.

lol haha, so now they're saying that wen someone says ur a newbie, they're basically being 'affectionate' to u--possibly meaning that they're gay?

:haha: :haha: :haha:

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i swear microwave you [ im unoriginal] idiot if you were in front of me i would break your nose, i was kidding did you even check that link?

Dude enough.  If your going to leave then leave. Sticking around with these lame ass skiddie threats to flood people with bots and "hax j00"  intended to be serious or not is rediculous. Its one thing to talk to another member the way you did, but to microwave?? No. Thats unacceptable. Straighten up , leave, or stay and be an ass with the added risk of just vote banning you.

BTW before you talk about hax0ring and whatnot, take a look at your own setup. WIth the many (and i mean many)  forum exploits i see you have running threre, no-ip address, remote hosting enabled, and the static IP.........Well id watch who you threaten unless you feel you can take counter mesures elsewise ;) Just a friendly Thought.

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dagger ... moonlord ... and whoever else.  Either stay and play nice, or enjoy being banned.  And if I hear anymore talk about threats to exploit... some abuse@ emails will be sent to your ISPs and the feds.  They have taken ALL threats very seriously lately after the Yahoo DOS attack.  Fair warning.  And I don't care to hears excuse replies... I just want to see you fuckin' stop, if you have a problem with someone talk to them outside of my venue or use the private message system.  This isn't fight club.

SMILE guys!  :D

By the way, that Microsoft shit is pretty funny.. lol... it's like parents talking about teenagers slang  :-P

Also, I think the world is ending or something.  I am in Arizona.. where it never rains and it's been raining almost constantly for all of 2005.  I have lived here my whole life and never seen wheather like this.  We are going to have an insane fire season this year (yes, we really do have a fire season.  Some places have fall, winter, spring and summer...... we have fall, winter, spring and FIRE * lol) there is friggen fields that were desert that are now weeds that are taller than houses.  blah blah blah

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