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Happy Mother's Day


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Why did you bring this up? My mother is DEAD! :cry:

peepnklown: I'm so sorry to hear that :( ...my mother has passed as well...I brought up mother's day because...uhhhh...lemme see...oh yeh...that's right i remember now...cuz it's mother's day  :haha:

but i still wish all mothers a happy mother's day...including but not limited to...mothers, mr moms, grandmothers,women who've been a positive influence for someone...and the women that did and didn't know it...to the people with mothers and those without...those with grandmothers, those without...to men who have women that are mothers to their children...to men that have women in their lives that are mothers...to women that wanted to have children and couldn't...and to women that had the courage to not bend to tradition and stood firm that they didn't want to have children...to the children who knew their mothers and to the children that didn't...to the people that still have their mother's in their lives and to those that don't...to the mothers whose children have lost their way...and to the children whose mothers have lost their way...to the mothers that bake cookies and to those that don't..basically to everyone...men...women...children...young...and old...because regardless of the situation...regardless of the story...regardless of who we are or where we live...everyone has or had a mother...everyone is somebody's baby...i say to all...I hope you all had a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! i know i sure did...my children are the best :)...i only wish my mom was still here...or maybe she was today :D...she was the bestest mom ever and i miss her every day...and every day i smile thinking of her :)

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tdawnaz : I'm a little late but happy Mother's Day.Mine has passed as well. I should wish it to the mothers that are still here.At least to the ones that are mothers & not to the ones that just gave birth but took no responsibility Or the ones that are child abusers.That's about as political as i'm going to get here.So again to those that deserve it.

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