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Well I thought Id get a new pet of some kind and these things look kick ass http://www.spoiledchins.net/slick.gif there alot of money and I guess they are quite a chore you can't give them a water bath but more less a ash bath.

Special Needs -Bathe in sepiolite dust It is a myth that chinchillas cannot have a water bath however such baths should only be given in an emergency and the chin must be thoroughly dried.

Sociable - Yes chins are naturally sociable however in their artificial captive environment care must be taken with their introduction.

Life Expectancy - 10 to 12 years but can live into their 20's  rumour has it one chin lived over 30 years!

tell me what you think.

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reno: do your homework...get out ur paper...and call breeders in your area...talk to your local humane society...they aren't expensive...around a hundred dolars but their care can be...just talk to people...not online tho...actually go talk face to face. they are fantastic as pets...can be litter trained just like cats...they don't smell at all and they are very clean...and did i say gorgeous...various sizes...but avg the size of a large guinea pig. softest thing you'll ever feel...well...besides a baby's butt. i know people that have them...and i called them and they said contact people and do your homework...they are great...but not as easy as caring for a dog or cat. actually i think i heard a long time ago that sinocide has chins...pm him and ask him.

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Oh MAN!  My firend back a long long time ago had one of these.  It was such a stupid pain in the ass to take care of, and sometimes it would get loose in the basement and we wouldn't find it for days. 

Life Expectancy - 10 to 12 years but can live into their 20's rumour has it one chin lived over 30 years!

Ha.  Wouldn't know about the life expectancy, my friend accidentlly stepped on it and killed it. 

I remember it being really really fast.

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