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What does your username mean?


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it was ok, but i still would rather watch the first one...i wish they would bring back the cast and director for a 3rd one, wouldnt that be sweet?

It will never be the same. The movie was brilliant in the simple action way. But I feel you're pain!

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There was a sequel? Wow. Maybe I DO need to get out more!  :haha:  :haha:

yeah, i still havent read the book(s) (not sure how many there are). thats on my list now...btw, im making a new sig. and i cant seem to find a good pic of an arachnid (warrior bug) from the first movie. any pics would help alot Thanks!

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Its pretty sweet I like it. 

And to shine in on the current topic....the movie rocked...I havent seen the sequal tho....

And to finally talk about the real topic...Lol my username came from the fact I drove an RX7 for a year n a half....and instead of driver i wanted driv3r(like the game) cause the 3 makes it lookcool I guess....Its pretty pointless now if you ask me tho cause the RX7 is long gone...but im keepin it cause I plan to get another RX...lol that and the name juss stuck on.

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jeff walker =name

and 9999

9/9/99 was the date of my getting my a+ certification

I also wanted to have a user name

on yahoo, aol, msn instant message

that would be easy to remember and recall and use

Also use vegaspc1 and slottech

for most of my peer to peer file applications and adult / other stuff

i rember that day every1 was freking out oh no 9999
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Hi AlucardHS  and hi saygoodie - that's cool and thanks for posting that ...

although, I am the resident biter AlucardHS

But I haven't gotten a ticket since I totalled the van my ex bought me saygoodie.


anyone else going to share?

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I'm "tiarnach".  Tiarnach is a real place in Ireland...and I'm Irish-American, (first generation).  Never been to Tiarnach, don't even know exactly where it's at beyond being somewhere in Northern Ireland, don't care...just tracked down a ancestor about two generations back that lived there about the same time I had to come up with some goofy handle and "tiarnach" was created.

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