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    • ran a trace route to   Tracing route to []
      over a maximum of 30 hops:   1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
        2    10 ms    21 ms    16 ms
        3    13 ms    15 ms    15 ms []
        4    38 ms    35 ms    33 ms []
        5    40 ms    41 ms    44 ms []
        6    66 ms    61 ms    64 ms [] 
        7    60 ms    64 ms    57 ms
        8    62 ms   224 ms    63 ms []
        9    64 ms    77 ms    66 ms []
       10    62 ms    61 ms    61 ms [] Trace complete.  
    • Run a trace route to   start > run > cmd > type: tracert   Please copy / paste the output
    • that ip cannot be reached.   i had my own router and didn't know until they showed up to install that i wouldn't have access to the router.   it's Lumos.   i'm not at home right now but my auto speed tests are plummeting like usual this time of's either the AC or the kids home from school causing congestion.
    • @043999 I would not suggest doing anything electrical or at heights that your not already familiar as well as knowledgeable about, so good choice to stay back on that one.   Any setting I suggested in the previous post, would be on the ISP side, nothing you or I could control.   Of course I believe  proper 'aligning' in your case is important, which may or may not be end user capable.   No access to the router at all?  Were you issues a Linksys router ? Is this Comcast or Lumos?   What does this IP get you ?
    • Mudman, thanks for the info.   geographical obstacles are a concern.  Other than some leaves and branches the tower is pretty unobstructed and i figure if most of the time (conveniently when i'm not home) i can get max speeds then it's not a geographic or obstruction issue.)   I'm having trouble distinguishing between radio interference and network congestion mostly because i see my speeds plummet when i get home, which is when the air conditioning cranks up as well, then speeds go back up closer to midnight which is about when my AC shuts down.  This also corresponds to when i'd expect network congestion.   I would go around grounding everything but I really have no electrical ability whatsoever so doing it safely is a concern.  I also wonder if tracking down any more radio interference is just a wild goose chase and the low speed is all the ISPs fault.   is there a way to determine my time to live without having access to the router?  Maybe it's set ridiculously short.
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