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    • What is the best site for checking packet loss?
      The best place to test for packet loss is on your computer.  Most websites that test for packet loss run the test on their server, which is basically to test the host end for packet loss rather than your connection.   Like, I never had much luck with either as I've run tests on a line that was giving a fairly consistent 7% packet loss and either failed to load or reported 0% packet loss.   I wrote the following script which measures packet loss against Google's DNS server.  Copy & paste the code into Notepad and save it as "pingtest.bat" on your desktop.  To run the script, just double-click the pingtest icon.   @echo off set /a PingCount=0 set /a PacketsLost=0 set tensec=%time:~6,1% :pingrepeat ping -n 1 >nul &&goto pingreply set /a PacketsLost+=1 :pingreply set /a PingCount+=1 set /a Complete=PingCount/10 if not "%time:~6,1%"=="%tensec%" ( echo Test %Complete%^%% complete... set tensec=%time:~6,1% ) if not "%PingCount%"=="1000" goto :pingrepeat set /a PacketLoss=PacketsLost/10 echo Packet loss: %PacketLoss%.%PacketsLost:~-1,1%^%% echo. pause The script can take a few minutes to complete and shows a progress percentage roughly every 10 seconds.   While it's also possible to run this test by typing "ping -n 1000" at the command line, normally the ping command waits 1 second per ping, which would take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 
    • Desktop Screenshots
      Nice. Those were a good plane. They used to come in and out of the base I was at. Later, as an engineer, I worked on the electronic engine control which went into the F-5G version later renamed the F20 Tigershark. Many pilots trained in that T-38.
    • Talktalk fibre not impressed!!!
      After having ongoing problems with my line and broadband since 27/09/2015 (before this we had 7.5 Mbps)including 3.5 week no phone or broadband! When we had been told by Openreach they had sorted the fault which they caused only to find they had connected us to another house in our village!   since all this has started oh I forgot to add the problems started when Openreach were working on the feeder pillar in our lane. We have had poor to nonexistent phone and broadband in the end to improve things we moved to fibre and after the live date 10 days ago we had no broadband!! After many calls to talktalk we have had a Openreach engineer find nothing wrong with the line and he tried 2 talktalk routers but no luck! Another call to talktalk and we start the Groundhog Day of going round in circles again. An engineer was required but after over a week has not called the router now has started working by itself at first very intermittent but now solid with the speeds shown below.   Talktalk Superfast broadband I think not!!#%#
    • Downloading at high speed causes digital TV artifacts and audio cut out
      I wanted to share this in case it can help someone in the future.   For the past few weeks we've noticed a lot of digital artifacts and audio cutting out on some channels.  I was thinking that it may be an issue with Comcast, they just fixed a major issue in my area so I hadn't made a big deal about it yet.  I was about to call about it and today I noticed something that I'd never seen before.  Downloading something... affecting the picture on the TV.  Over and over I slowed down and sped up the transfer speed on an intensive usenet download.  When I'd ramp it up to full speed the picture started to block out heavily, I'd then slow the speed way down and immediately the picture returned to normal.  When it was pixelated it was so bad that the show became completely unwatchable.  My actions on the Internet were 100% without a doubt affecting the TV picture.   After witnessing this I grabbed a fresh 2 way splitter out of my tool bag, ran down to the basement and swapped out the splitter.  Ever since... perfect picture.  Not even a single instance where before you couldn't make it 60 seconds without something.   By the way, there was no issue with the Internet speed in this case.  Just looking at the Internet performance I would have thought everything was fine.    Cracked open the splitter and there's definite signs of degradation.  Hot spot on a solder point leading to that wrapped coil shows signs of internal resistance.   This was a brand new splitter used in untouched conditions indoors for only 1.5 years before it failed this way.   A wide array of symptoms can be caused by the same thing.  Remember, any points where two or more cables meet are always weak points.  When you're having issues, always look in these areas first.  The fix may be easier than you can imagine.
    • What is the best site for checking packet loss?
      Hello everyone,       I've recently started seeing a variance in packet loss on my Xbox One over the past 2 weeks and I'm trying to figure out the cause. My ISP is Comcast XFinity and I'm on the 105mbps/10mbps plan. I have an Arris SB6183 Modem hooked up to my Netgear Nighthawk R7000 (AC1900). My Xbox is hardwired. As far as my speeds go, everything tests ok. Both on this site and on my Xbox One. My NAT type on the Xbox is OPEN. The Detailed Network Statistics on my Xbox One shows Download speeds of 118mbps Down and 11mbps Up. The Latency shows 65ms (which is good). The MTU Size is 1480, which is fine as well. The issue is when I take a look at the packet loss, which shows I'm getting either 1 or 2% packet loss. Now, I've tried using both Cat5 and Cat6 ethernet cables and it makes no difference. I've also tried connecting my Xbox through WiFi but the packet loss is still there. I've ran an ethernet cable straight from my Arris SB6183 modem to the Xbox, same thing. I've even tried using the gateway Comcast provides to see if my modem was the issue but to no avail. The packet loss remains. Next, I took in my Xbox One to Best Buy and swapped it for an Xbox One Elite through the 2 year protection plan I had on it, thinking that my Xbox might be the culprit. I get home, excited to use my new Elite controller and convinced that I was finally in the clear...BAMMM the Xbox Network tests hit me in the face with a 1% packet loss yet again!  I've tried port forwarding, tried changing the MTU Size, giving the Xbox One a static IP address, putting the Xbox in DMZ Mode, turning on UPNP, turning off UPNP, turning on QoS, turning off QoS, etc but the packet loss never clears. As I mentioned before, this began happening about 2 weeks ago. I started noticing a big difference in online gameplay on my Xbox One so i ran the Network tests. That's when I first noticed that I was getting that 1% packet loss. Before that, I'd have 0% packet loss every time. Yesterday I brought my Xbox over to a friends house to test it with his connection and guess what I saw? Yep, you guessed it 0% packet loss! So it's definitely an issue with my connection and nothing to do with my Xbox itself.  If anybody has knowledge or tips they wouldn't mind sharing with me, I'd really appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows the best method or the best site for testing packet loss please let me know. I wish I had the option of going with Verizon FiOs or Google Fiber but they don't cover my side of the Houston area. Thanks for reading and thanks for the feedback ladies and gents! Have an awesome day
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