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  1. If it is protected, it's probably by encryption. If you can figure out how it's encrypted, you can "hack" it. As for figuring out what encryption they use, I haven't the slightest clue.
  2. He actually said "But our's is faster on the bigger tests" Van. (unless he edited it after the fact) I would post my scores from each test size, but I'm getting around 700KB/s right now for some reason.
  3. I'm not talking about whether it was real or not. I'm just talking about downloading such a large file in such little time. Even if it is inflated, the file is still 1.5GB. However, that inflation thing could have something to do with it seeing as how I have no clue what it is or how it works.
  4. He said "too bad its fake" with a smiley face, so he probably just changed the score himself. The speed test here isn't buggy as far as I know. The only way your test would be misleading is if you have packetloss or if you hit the back button in your browser. If you do that, you'll get an extremely fast speed due to it being cached. However, your download speed will still be proportionate in Mbps and KB/s. I've never heard of that being an issue here.
  5. Punkbuster also allows admins to take screenshots of suspected cheaters that are placed on the server. Not only can they then be banned from that particular server, but they can be globally banned from all servers running PunkBuster if they are reported with proof.
  6. We need to know what speed your broadband package is before we know if you're getting what you pay for. If you're getting 90%+ of your advertised speed, you're doing alright.
  7. I would go, but my being in Alabama wouldn't make that too practical.
  8. The only hardware that would effect your speed is your ethernet card, and I even doubt that would have too much of an impact. It's measuring bandwidth, not benchmarking your PC. He's talking about a burst in your speed when you first begin downloading something. If it isn't given enough time to level out, your score will be misleadingly high.
  9. If you're talking about PunkBuster, yes. It does what its name implies, busts punks. It's a server side anti-cheat that many games have incorporated into them now. It also keeps track of names used by certain CD-keys, any, if any, cheats a person has used, and many other things. -PunkBuster
  10. Is it kind of like Punkbuster, or is that also incorporated into CS?
  11. Yeah, it's all gravy though. We're using it almost as an IM now. Anyway, how does the steam client work? What is it used for?
  12. I don't know anything about steam. I've never heard of the same game running twice on the same computer. I guess it's only possible with certain games.
  13. Yeah, I was talking about the 0 ping aspect of it. I used to do the same thing with MoH:AA. If you play in a dedicated server hosted on the same PC, it'll be ~5ms.
  14. Excluding a dedicated server, one can usually start the hosting and be in the game with 0 ping at the same time.
  15. You can only play one game at a time on a PC. That should mean you have more than one PC. Also, as far as I know, one cable line or modem can only have one IP assigned to it at a time, so you must have two lines with different IPs. Why don't you hook each cable up to each PC? If this is way off, please forgive the brain fart.
  16. Sadly, no, it didn't work. However, the file in my shared folder is indeed 1.5GB. I'm not sure why it didn't work, but it isn't like I wasted a bunch of time downloading it.
  17. Is there a special way you find fast torrents? Any torrent I download from never gets over 20KB/s, but I mostly get 3-5KB/s. It's frustrating to say the least.
  18. If they wanted to, and if they had a few million in the bank.
  19. Now who's going to ring the church bells?
  20. I had a pretty interesting experience with DC++ last night. I'm on a 3/256 package. However, last night, I downloaded a 1.5GB file in less than 5 minutes. My down got up to 10MB/s! Yes, megaBYTES! I have no clue how this happened, but I have the screenshot to proove it.
  21. As I said, I've gotten nothing but slow downloads on BitTorremt. Kazaa Lite is all I used up until recently. I'd say I like DC++ the most now. The fast downloads, chat, intuitive interface, and the making people share GBs of data just to download are great.
  22. Is that the recent Leisure Suit Larry? If so, it should be in 32-bit format. If it is, I'll look into it more when I wake up.
  23. I don't think that's possible. DC++ works in a different method than BitTorrent does. You go into one of the hubs(chat rooms), do a search to see if anyone has the file you're looking for, and download it from them. It's a one on one transaction. I have six hubs I connect to and get my files from now. In case any of you are thinking that you have to talk to people to search for a file after reading the above, that's false. Everyone's files are indexed. You just do a search like in any other P2P program.
  24. I'm familiar with the hub thing now. You can pretty much find any file if you connect to a bunch of hubs, and downloads are pretty fast from people with a LAN connection. I never got downloads higher then 20KB/s on BT (3-5KB/s most of the time though). This is so much better.
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