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  1. With windows i believe you can only extend a partition if there is free space right after it.. and probably not the system partition either.
  2. i think this is the site i used a while back.. http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/index.html you can also use a program like nLite to slipstream the updates into an XP cd.. works out pretty slick if you ask me
  3. Somewhere on the laptop there should be a switch or button that turns the wireless card on and off.. it might have an antenna on it or something..
  4. Whether the NIC is connected at 10Mbps or 100Mbps doesn't matter if your internet speed is less than 10Mbps..
  5. Do you know if your computer is set to get an ip address automatically?
  6. the computer should come with a disc to reinstall vista..
  7. If the outlet isn't grounded, the surge protector is kinda useless..
  8. it looks like you're already doing quite well to me..
  9. Run services.msc anc check if you have Network Connections and Wireless Zero Configuration running for starters..
  10. well, not really.. that's a very loose use of the term Protestant.. the actual Protestant Reformed denomination is much smaller
  11. I don't like the way it looks and it crashed on me within a couple minutes every time i ran it..
  12. pff.. i don't have to squint in the least..
  13. I think i'm running something along the lines of 2560x1024.. although for a while I has a virtual machine that I had at 800x600...
  14. Nope.. lol.. i was using someone else's this past weekend until dway screwed up the billing and cut it off Definitely don't miss it, although it does beat dialup (which wasn't even an option there)
  15. actually, I would say it's just as likely... and it introduces more potential problems on top of a normal cable connection...
  16. somewhere there's a "save settings as" or something button.. it's been a while since I've used cablenut...
  17. that's for gigabit ethernet.. and i wouldn't recommend setting it anywhere near that high
  18. php

    High Ping

    unless it's changed since I had it a couple months ago, that wasn't what I saw.. I don't recall ever having a ping under 900ms, or seeing anyone else that low for that matter..
  19. php

    High Ping

    well, 600-700ms is about the minimum that's even physically possible with no congestion whatsoever... 1000 to 1500 is a much more realistic figure for satellite
  20. if you unscrew the plastic part a ways, you will see a hole through the screw towards the base.. stick the (stripped) wire in there and tighten it
  21. are you sure you sent it to the right email address? I haven't gotten anything yet
  22. I think it's used for extra PCI power on some motherboards... used to be the mobo connection with AT form factor
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