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Summer approaching???


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It was hot last week here Amarillo hit 90 degrees & tied a record high.A town only 70 miles south hit 97 degrees F.Very dry here one day the humidity was only 6%.

I think wwe will continue hot & dry this summer in Amarillo But I think we will see some bad hurricanes in the US too.I hope I'm wrong .

Where is DFW? I do know where BFE is.  :mrgreen:

tommie;How can you know "where's the beef" & not know where DFW is?  :haha:

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tommie ;I knew where BFE was just playing on words .With DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) being a major beef area & BFE was close enough.Kind of like they call DFW north Texas when Amarillo is about 200 miles north of DFW & about 150 west.You can still go about another 100 miles north of Amarillo before you get to the Oklahoma border.

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Probably will be using the electric co for now.My electric bill last summer was only about 80 dollars for the max.Depending on how things work out I plan to build  a house  in the country(like Amarillo isn't) in the next two or three years.Even it will probably start with the electric co. but I hope to go more wind energy then.I'm not sure they make an inverter that could power a large refridgerated AC.But since most of the time I can use a evaporative AC an inverter might power that.I have an idea of putting single pad window units with only a water pump powered by electricity & air flow from suction of roof turbines ducted through the ceiling.

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The thing with texas is one day it will be 100 degress the next day ill be 60 degress.

There's also a lot of distance between Texline & Brownsville north to south ; & between El Paso & Texarkana west to east. So the temp can vary a lot.

coknuck ; Most of the electricity used by a swamp cooler is the motor that drives the blower.Usually betweea a half & a quarter HP.So pretty efficient.I would have used swamp cooler instead of evaporative cooler but for those that haven't used one they might have thought you used one if you lived in the swamp.  :haha:

Most of the time the humidity in Amarillo is low enough I can use the swamp cooler.It was actually 6% one day last week which is low even for here. I would say normal is 25 to 35 %.

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