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Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0 beta Download


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Microsoft AntiSpyware is AntiSpyware software that helps to detect and remove spyware and other potentially unwanted software from your computer. Microsoft AntiSpyware helps protect you from spyware's negative consequences, which can include a slower Internet connection, pop-up advertisements, reduced computer performance, identity theft, and the loss of private information.

Real-time Spyware Security Agents

Real-time protection (System Agents), Microsoft AntiSpyware protects your computer, privacy, and personal information from hidden threats before they run, stopping most spyware threats before they install. Internet, System, and Application System Agents monitor over 50 security checkpoints – verifying any unknown activity with our global SpyNet Community.

The SpyNet AntiSpyware community

SpyNet is a network community that connects Microsoft AntiSpyware users to quickly share and identify unknown applications and signatures.

Spyware scanning engine

The Microsoft AntiSpyware spyware scanning engine scans your entire system using a constantly updated database of over fifty thousand known spyware signatures. Due to the constantly changing environment, spyware signatures are updated regularly through SpyNet to provide you with ongoing protection.

More info here: Reuters

This is beta software! Use at your own risk!

Get it here: Microsoft AntiSpyware 1.0 beta download

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Im still kinda iffy about this... I mean... adaware SE Pro does a damn good job by itself.. And "microsoft" comming out with something good for your system just sounds to oxymoron-ish for me.

:roll: Yea its like when the government comes to you and says we are here to help......watch out...... but this could be the NEW Billy Gates..... ya think?  :huh:

:haha: Microwave

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:) organ_shifter,

Thanks very good review and I'm in agreement with your findings, as I was surprised with MS new pgm also (applaud) :)

:cool: Microwave

organshifter. awesome review!

Definanatly Karma for you. Good post, I dont know if I trust Microsoft though.

Thxz fellas.

I downloaded it after the long windows validation b.s. and now it gives me an error message when trying to install,can anyone help me with this? :(:?

DJVageli, I just started the install and it began as expected. What type of error(s) are you getting?

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Never mind, i tried the install again and it worked.Before it was giving me messages like Windows Installer has experienced a problem.But now it worked.Thanks for the offer anyway :D

:) When I saw your first post when you were having a problem downloading this I started thinking, which I get accused of doing to much.....LOL, anyway I always try and think what motivates people or in this case M$. Now I'm not one of those conspiracy guys or a gun toteing militant but I do wonder why people do things,..... anyway, it made me think did M$ make and give this software away so they could get a look at peoples computers, ya know maybe look if its a valid copy of Win doze or any number of things....... but maybe I'm just thinking to much again.......but what is the reason then to only test it b4 they sell it?

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