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Add your ISP under your name  

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  1. 1. Add your ISP under your name

    • Yes ~ Great Idea!
    • No ~ I like redundancy
    • What's an ISP?
    • The hell are you talkin about?

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What do you guys think of adding your provider name under your name instead of the redundant repeat of what you are?. . .what I'm saying is keep the 'banner' and add your ISP.

. . .since this is a broadband and 'speed test' community ~ I thought it would make sense to add 'our' ISP under 'our' names.

What do you think?

. . .love the 'new' layout, by the way, w the Dark Blue theme!

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That would be cool, but how would it work? When you sign up would you choose your isp, like have a list where you can choose it? Of have it detected automatically by your ip? Might not be the best for people who use proxies, or are at different locations. This sounds like a great idea, just need to figure out how to implement it.

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I voted great idea as long as I understand it right. You mean the banner would remain the same but the text that says "global mod" above the banner would be changed to Cox High Speed? If so right on.

. . .for you Shug ~ it would say somthin' like "I Like(insert ISP)" ~ lol ~ j/k

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<img src="http://imagehouze.com/uploader/files/126/midgetslaves.jpg" alt="midgetslaves.jpg" />

. . .or slavery involving midgets. The trade consists of many European traders off loading midgets into America where they are later sold onto Airports to be used to cart planes across the many meters of tarmac from the runway to the terminal.

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heck yeah. more bells and whistles. why not add a line with test result averages for the last 10 tests or so?

as for themes, there are quite a few where the newsticker scroll on top is partly unreadable because of dark on black, blue on blue etc. the theme should include different colors for that.

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