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Snakes... On... A ... Plane!


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Snakes On A Plane has now overcome all movies aside from the Rocky Horror Picture Show in evoking audience participation. On my 666th post: (I will edit in a moment to prove it, I would like to present you witht he evilness that is the current motion picutre industry.)

Patterns have emerged all around the continent, such as the audience hissing during "snake-o-vision", slow-clapping when Juliana Margulies weeps, etc. This "script" is long, but incomplete. If you feel the need to, go ahead and contribute to the wiki...

Regardless, you must all revel in the glorious evilness that is the water!



do NOT read this if you want to go see Snakes On a Plane and be suprised!!!!!!


Inventory Checklist

A long, balloon animal style balloon for shaking at the screen anytime there are snake attacks. Better yet a Rubber Snake.

Champagne poppers to pull anytime there is a gunshot.

Small rubber snakes for throwing into crowd and at screen.

Snake sock puppets.


Paper airplanes.

Pick Sides!

__When:__ Waiting in line and in the theatre.


Snake Cheer 1: Give me an "S"! Give me an "S"! Give me an "S"! What does that spell? "SSSSSSsssss!!!!"

Snake Cheer 2: "Roll Call!" Cha Cha Butchee Cha Cha Cha Butchee. ROLL CALL! My Name is Python, I'm eight feet long, I have big fangs, so check me out! Etc.



Plane Cheer 1: "We are the planes and we're here to say, HELLO to you in a mighty way! We're not glad to see you, we're not glad you're here, but we'll still salute you with a hello cheer... H-E-L-L-O, Planes are here to say hello!

Plane Cheer 2: "Hey, Snakes, Check it out, the Planes will beat you, check it out!"


Entering the Theater

__When:__ Entering a crowded theater ask "Is this Pacific Flight 121?" Audience_Shout: "No it's Snakes on a Mutherfucking Plane!"

_When:_Once in the theatre. Go to the back of the theatre so you make a silhouette on the screen.

_WHAT:_Make a shodow puppet that looks like a snake. Everyone in the audience should shout, AHHH A SNAKE! Then have someone else make the shadow of a gun and shoot the snake, the audience should cheer at this point.


__When:__ When the title of each preview is given

What: Shout: "Yeah that's good, but it's not snakes!"


If the THX screen features the mooing cow cup, counter it with hissing!

If the THX screen features the medley of quotes, cheer when SLJ says "And I shall strike down..."


Opening Credits

__When:__ Before the title appears.

__What:__ Call out alternate snake-related titles for the movie, like:

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That has to be THE stupidest movie title EVER... And the plot sounds stupid.  Do you know if it's supposed to be any good?  I don't want to read the spoiler, just in case I see it one day.


I iknow it sounds really dunb, but I had some friends go see it, you know - normal people... and they LIKED it. Who knew!

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I iknow it sounds really dunb, but I had some friends go see it, you know - normal people... and they LIKED it. Who knew!

Well, I'll be VERY suprised if it's any good... it just sounds SOOOOO stupid, the concept is stupid, the name is stupid and from the previews I've seen the computer animated snakes look stupid... and anyone that would be scared about snakes being on a plane is also stupid...... snakes don't fuckin' hunt down humans, lol.  I know it's a movie and you're supposed to use you imagination but damn.. a line has to be drawn somewhere.  It sounds like a rental at best, imo the ONLY reason it will do any good in the box office is because Samual L. Jackson is in it AND they have spent like a billion dollars on advertising this sucker (and when I say sucker I mean that litterally :-P).    ... It's a RENTER!  (but only a renter if you have one of those unlimited rental plans, hahaha)


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I believe..(which I could be wrong), this movie was sort of meant to be a airplane type movie, but not as obvious...I mean the title and even the way its graphically done, kind of gives the hint of a comedy...

Not the obvious comedy we are used to, but a comedy none the less....If it is true(which after seeing SLJ on Jon Stewart), I believe it is, I can see how it can be funny....From what I've read, if you go in knowing it's just a movie to make fun of, it is a blast...

I mean who else would you call if you have M@##@#  #@#@#@ Snakes on a Plane....

:ar15: Samual @#@#$$@#@ Jackson!!!!!  :haha:

(SLJ):twogun:        ----<>======================***    <--- (rattlesnake on the #$%@##  $@#@%# Plane)

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It IS supposed to be a campy movie like Rocky Horror. That's what SLJ said in his interviews anyway. It's supposed to be a fun movie that the audience can get involved in and enjoy.

:-P See, my 666th post was SO evil, it even got CA3LE to post in it twice! :D

.... and I DO have one of those unlimited rental plans ;) - I think I'm going to the theater to see it though, I want to hold my stomach and laugh :D

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It was originaly a B movie, and its supposed to be kinda out there.  I went to go see it, and yes it is an entertaining movie.  It's not supposed to be realistic, just entertaining.  It's worth it to go see it.

If you want to see a real crazy B movie, rent "Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter"....hilariously bad...

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  • 4 months later...

Rock on Rocky horror  :thumbsup:  I have been to see the stage show twice, but never seen it ,  :whaa: , each time my ticket # has found me seated In the middle of a bunch of 20-30 year old girls dressed up in pigtails and skimpy school girl uniform's , doing all the audience participation thing , and the gorgeous dammed redhead in front of me kept blocking my view of the stage,

so I have had to book for the 3rd time,but what I saw had me glued to my seat ,  :evil6:

if you get a chance, go see it ,


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Yeah Rocky Horror kicked butt both times I saw it.  :booty::violent1:

So this "Snakes... On... A ... Plane!"  should be good. Especially if water gives it 3 thumbs up.  :azn:

:lol: then it must be good  :thumbsup:, bet it gets over here in about 10 years time  :evil2:

I gotta confess I saw "Hair" first time round , and that Gorgeous dammed   Redheads Grandmother spoiled the view that time also,  :evil6:

I must talk to my analyst  about my problems with dammed  redheads ,  :lol:

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You Don't Look Like a Surfer

When: When the witness tells SLJ "You don't look like a surfer".

What: Shout, "Then why are you trying to F#@& me like a surfer?" (References a famous line from the beginning of Pulp Fiction.)


When: When the witness tells SLJ "You don't look like a surfer".

What: Say, "Because you're black!"

Tiffany Introduces Herself to the Witness

When: Tiffany says to the witness, "Hi, I'm Tiffany."

What: Say, in the same voice as Tiffany, "Would you like a blowjob?"

When: Tiffany hears that Sean is a witness and say that's so.."

What: Say, in the same voice as Tiffany, "Cold? Lukewarm?" (Then Tiffany will say "hot").


When: The snake is thrown into the microwave

What: Shout, "Are you making a Snakin' Lettuce and Tomatoe Sandwich?" or "These Snake TV Dinners Always Explode."


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