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How To Tweak Smart BRO WiFi


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Ei CB that's good can you pls analyze my "Services" and tell me what i should remain in ACTIVE mode?

I have also the following Startup Items running:



Winamp agent


AVG anti-virus

LG ODD Firmware check (for my DVD Burner)

Realtek HD Audio Manager (sound driver)

Power ISO

Windows Messenger (I don't use it)

SIS utility tray (video)

HP digital Imaging monitor (printer)

Spybot S&D

Nokia PC Suite (seldom used)



If i would disable any of them how do i do it.

Thank you

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did anyone try a high value (750-100) in the sustained uplink/downlink fields?

i also wanna know if there's anybody obtained [700-100] download/upload speed.. how can we obtain it.. please help.. :cry:

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to coolbuster do you know how to boot faster? thanks!!

Some of the best ways are the following.

Credit goes to John of johntp.com:

Improve Windows XP boot speed

* Eliminate unwanted programs from boot up: You will find that many of the programs you install on your system set portions of themselves to run automatically when you start up your computer. Each program that runs on startup not only consume system resources but also extends the length of time it takes your PC to fully boot.Since it is generally unnecessary to have any programs running in the background (other than security software like virus-scanners or firewalls) disable your unwanted startup programs to increase your startup speed and conserve system resources.

      The easiest way to go about this task is to use the MSCONFIG utility, which may be familiar to users of Windows 9x. This handy program contains a list of software which is set to start when you boot your PC. You can then easily disable and re-enable (if necessary) these items.

      Go to

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@ Jetzone2k8 and jokesor. welcome to testmy.net

we're happy to have you both here!

@ Jetzone2k8, let's concentrate on your Startup. i suggest you do the following:

SpeedupmyPC - uninstall

utorrent - remove

Winpatrol - remove

Winamp agent - remove

Quickfix - totally uninstall

AVG anti-virus - should run in startup

LG ODD Firmware check (for my DVD Burner) - disable

Realtek HD Audio Manager (sound driver) - disable

Power ISO - remove

Windows Messenger (I don't use it) - remove or uninstall

SIS utility tray (video) - remove

HP digital Imaging monitor (printer) - remove

Spybot S&D - run

Nokia PC Suite (seldom used) - (you said it!) remove

Cfosspeed - (better you still have nice speed even if you have this installed) uninstall

DAP - (some say this is adware, why not try IDM) uninstall

To easily disable/remove them in your startup, download and install WinPatrol 2007. To uninstall, simply go to your Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs. To clean up registry junks use ccleaner.

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Thanks coolbuster!!!!

your winpatrol is a great tool to speed up our computer thanks for giving this information to us!

btw there is a new update??to speed up our internet connection in smartbro?l

like new setting new program and new TECHNIQUE?


this forum is great!!!

thanks guys who help me in the past

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