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Motorola Canopy Override Plug


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Thanks elijahpaul, I've been waiting for that answer, so going up in the roof is inevitable. :cry: I thought the override plug is an alternative solution in accessing the MAC address of the canopy. BTW @ thugster according to my cisco class, the one in the left is RJ-45 and the left is RJ-11


Sorry for that, i guess the sales clerk gave me the wrong info!! Sorry guys!!  :uglystupid2:

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i gone to the mall awhile ago and search for rj 11 6 pin but heres what i have seen and offered when i went there.

rj 45

rj 13

rj 9

the last one i seen was an rj 11 but it was only 4 pin connection can i use that?

and by the way all CAT5 i see was for an 8 pin connection can i use that also?

i checked at the back of my computer and check what pin is connected in my lan card but it was 8 pin.. so i was wondering if the one connected to my canopy is an 8 pin connection also...

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