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Motorola Canopy Override Plug


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wow you can do that coolbuster? i hope i can do that in my area, i ask them if its possible to upgrade mine but they always say it is for testing purposes only...

yea, I already did.

tech support told me and even encouraged other subscribers in our area to email CS for the request. the more emails the more possible the request will be granted by tech admin.

it's like the concept of a noise barrage.

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In my canopy page, i made myself an individual account so I can access my canopy and protect it from the incompetent contractors.. Hmm... I'll also email them so our basestation will be upgraded.. But as far as i can see, here in our area, we are only 3 smartbro subscriber(but not only 3 sharing on the same basestation, actually we're 25 !! Holy Cow!! But ill just give it a try!!


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Umm, You're from davao?


anyways, i'll first try to make one, myself.

I know how to crimp and stuff.

ummmm, one question?

do the plug doesn't need to have another end point? You just use the plug toshort 2 pins, its like shorting pins on your motherboard instead of using jumpers, here on canopy we will use rj11, 6pins? right?


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I checked out Deeco this morning.

And I found out this:

rj-11 6 pin doesnt exists, it only has 4 pins on it

I have found an rj-12, it has six pins and it has the same size of rj-11.

I still need to buy an rj-12 scrimping tool, because I only have for rj-45.

it does exist. i have 10 of those here and plenty with my supplier. just needed a good digital still camera for a shot though so i can post a pic  here.

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im trying the overide plug at the moment should i remove first the other plug that is connected to my other pc then insert my rj 11 first? then i insert my plug that is connected to my computer... or i dont need to remove the plug that is connected to my pc. what should be done... after this.

is this correct i should change the ip adress to then enter in the browser


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well after i finished making my overide plug i went to the roof and opened my canopy i insert the overide plug in the left slot that is availble and went down again and opened my computer and plugged my canopy adaptor..

then i changed my ip adress to

subnet mask to 255.255.000.

then i open my opera broser and entered

then walla!

i can opened my canopy again using the default ip

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hey im using a router connected to 3 pcs but this tweak thing wont work

i think my router is blocking it.my router is linksys befsr41 when i try to find the canopy ip by typing asp -a in command promp it show my router ip linksys  default ip so i cant go tpo canopy setting and my router have qos it self

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