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Battery Hack that will save you ALOT of money.


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well to build 6v with 1.5 volt batteries you need 4 of those babies connected in series ? yes ? ....i watched the video over and over again and to me it didnt appear that that big battery had 4 rows of batteries, it seemed to be 2 (4 x 4 in each row, and 2 rows = 32 total)...

and if there are 2 rows only it would mean each battery is then 3v and not 1.5v that equals a standard AA size battery

....just something to consider

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for some reason I dont believe this would be as efficient as a standard AA battery

I agree, You would have to find out if they were connected in series or parallel , they may have a smaller amperage and may not power you device properly.  I'll check one out this weekend. This could be awesome : )

Like disturbed said

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but yeah, all we need is someone to go out and buy a certain brand of this particular battery to see exactly what we are dealing with here....

these bigger batteries are usually built for delivering a lot more current since they have smaller batteries connected in parallel...kinda like the car battery, which is only rated for 12.XX volts - the reason why its so big is because its delivering a lot of current to other electrical car parts....200A+ or something like that I think...

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I thought I knew almost everything, but Shug has proven me wrong again.

I will have to try this, too.

My luck I will blast ammonium chloride, magnesium dioxide and carbon powder into my eyes and blind myself.

( I love Wikipedia - or you can go on thinking that I actually knew what was in a standard battery  :wink2:  )

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LOL, I agree. Usually when a screwdriver is involved in prying something open, it means I'm probably impaling my leg when the screwdriver slips off the thing I'm prying.

Who is Murphy and is he related to me somehow? I wonder...

Like the guy below....all he was trying to do was hang a picture on the wall  :shock:

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i never knew this either, just saw it on break and wanted to post it.

so 32 AAs means 8 in parallel times 4 with the 4 blocks of eight in series to get the 6 volts.

remember, a AAA AA C or D is not a battery. it is in actuality just a cell that happens to deliver 1.5 volts. that is why the 6 and 9 volt batteries have multiple cels (hence a BATTERY of cells.)

the lead acid cell in a car battery has 1.2 volts, same as a NiCd cell. NimH and LiIon cells to my knowledge deliver 1.5 volts again, but i would have to check that.

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and i have to recant a statement. the lead acid battery cells in car batteries and similar produce 2 volts. so you have 6 cells per battery.

as to the video, makes sense. i guess it does depend on the brand. some mfrs (maybe the cheap noname ones as pictured in the original vid) will just pull AAs off their standard line while the bigger name brand ones will manufacture a dedicated larger cell for the 6V (which makes sense, since the one big cell should have better performance than the 8 small cells in parallel, so putting just the 4 big cells in series should give a better battery)

edit: and if you need a 1.5 volt power source independent of the size then that one big cell is probably a very nice thing to have as well.

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