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SmartBro Canopy Software Update, How to? (w/ screenshots)

Guest ExtremeFusion

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Guest ExtremeFusion

Ok Guys, before jumping into the whole update process..

and if you want the CNUT to work, read all this stuff and follow it carefully...

Remember the following:

You must be running one of this

Windows Platforms

   Windows 2000

   Windows Server 2003

   Windows XP


RedHat Linux

  RedHat Enterprise Linux v4

with a minimum of 512MB of RAM

The computer will need network access to connect to the devices being upgraded.

     (This translate to, that we must set our TCP/IP properties to and, or if you are accessing via mac,     

      please do the way as how it is done via mac, I personally don't use mac to access my canopy so don't bother asking me

      how, hehehe and before I forgot you must be logged in as root in your canopy setup page. Just log in in your canopy set-up

      page and use root as the username, password is left blank)

Assuming that the proper version of CNUT is installed and your desired update package/s is already saved in your PC, we may now proceed with the steps in updating your canopy.

First Open your CNUT (Canopy Network Updater Tool), then highlight Network Root, then click Add Network Element.


Second After clicking Add Network Element, a window appears, from the Element Type dropdown box select Subscriber Module (SM), then in the Element Host Name(s)/IP Address(s) , type your canopy's ip address (again, if your's is set to like jovantot's, then please do so or whatever ip your canopy might have, but the default is then click OK.


Third make sure you select your SM by putting a check next to it, then click View, then click Refresh/Discover Selected Network Elements,


If this is successful (connection to your SM, again you must be logged in as root and set your tcp/ip properties to and if you use MAC addressing method, don't bother asking me how to do it, as I am no fond in using MAC) you should see an info next to your SM like the picture below. If CNUT can't access or communicate with your SM properly you may be having problems following my steps. Read again, this time slowly without the excitement.  :evil6:


BTW,In the above picture my Software Version is already 8.2.2 (I already updated my Canopy from 8.1.5 to 8.2.2 SM-DES, before I post this guide that is why I am 100% this steps here will work!), what I am doing here is just a guide. So I don't want anyone questioning why am I adding the package 8.2.2 SM-DES in the next step.

Fourth With your SM still checked, click Update, then click Manage Packages.


Then after that, a Package Manager window will appear, click Add , then select the package file you saved earlier in your PC, in my example I have the latest 8.2.2 SM-DES package added (If you are Using the New CNUT it will ask for the *.pkg2 file, if using the Old CNUT it will ask fot the *.pkg file), after successful selection (see picture below) you can now Close the Update Manager Window.


Fifth with your SM still checked, click Update, then click Update Selected Network Elements, from this point onwards.. the rest is up to you.. and please be patient to wait for the update process to complete.. It is just normal for the CNUT to reboot your SM don't worry about that.



Don't blame me if you made your SM unusable. (this is provided as it is, and does not guarantee that your SM will not encounter a problem along the update process, things happen guys, **** it!)


For the last time, set your TCP/IP properties to and or else the CNUT won't be able to access your Canopy via

Don't worry about the update time we are only updating ONE canopy and that is your's, this will only take a few minutes depending on your machine mine is a P4 2.4 GHz, 512 MB DDR 333 RAM, GE PRO-M2 MoBo..yes I know and I don't want any criticism. My PC is slow by today's standard but it was in the category "fastest" five or four years ago.

Make sure your PC meet the specified requirement, and if it does not and still want to push the update process. Then do so, don't tell me that I didn't warn you!

If you are not verse in the technical aspects of this steps then please ask someone who knows what I am talking about here to assist you in the update.



Does anyone here knows the IP of our AP?, I tried but this is inaccessible..

Does anybody have the CNUT (the older version the one that needs a *.pkg file)?

Lastly does anyone here have the package file for 8.0 SM-DES Software Version, I need to downgrade my Canopy Software Version..(It's much easier to configure NAT in version 8.0, mine is locked up so that is why I need it (I am only needing it, if Jovantot's suggestion to me would not work :evil6:.)

PM me people, I'm expecting replies..   :evil6:  :azn:

edit...spelling in title


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is there any other tricks of accessing the canopy website aside from using an override plug.? i got blocked and now i cant access the site.

try using tamie77's method or the MAC address method


hmm, nice find. hope others will try this first before me, i'm not so keen on fiddling with the canopy this much. anyway, did manage to get a 7Mb throughput using this?

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i really wondered why it is so hard to find the CNUT (Canopy Network Update Tool) installer even in the canopywireless website. also, the upgrade process is so complicated.

EF's post in this regard is helpful. unfortunately it will not give you the 7.0mb aggregate. he said in a pm that getting that will be needing Prizm 3.0 but a smartbro Prizm 3.0 license is nowhere to be found.

i think, the upgrade to 7.0mb should be simultaneous. you install the CNUT SM DES on your end, smartbro installs CNUT AP DES on their end together with Prizm 3.0 with a valid license key that will give you 7.0mb aggregate.

but anyways EF, you deserve our gratitude for the effort in posting this guide.


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Guest ExtremeFusion

YES it is via Prizm that we can change our Aggregate and CIR, DL and UL Burst, BAM, EMS, so on and so forth..

This is from the website motorola.canopywireless.com

Easily integrated into your Canopy network, Canopy Lite SMs are highly scaleable. They are available in the 2.4, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.7 GHz frequency bands. In addition, they can be software upgraded via the Prizm element management system to add incremental throughput (to 1, 2, 4 or 7 Mbps) quickly and economically.

These are the problem I encounter...when using Prizm:

I need a License File or at least access to a License Server (Jeez! Where Do I get This?),

BTW the program that ask for this stuff is FLEXIm License Finder (any idea guys?)...

If I won't be able to start the server, I will not be able to start the Prizm Canopy as it needs access to the server..

There is an option in borrowing license, but then again I don't know where I could borrow a license.

Another thing is, If Prizm accesses our AP or CIMM, i'll be difficult for me (or us) since the AP or CIMM will need to be accessed in their base station (remote access is possible, but difficult since I need to know its IP, not to mention if the access is coded with password which I think is just natural for Smart to do.)

Oh, and about upgrading our AP via CNUT, yes this is possible but I need to know the IP of the AP I am using or at least its code name, since CNUT can look up the names of its network elements and then tranlates this code name once found out.

Anyways, the least we could do for now, especially if you are having problems with your canopy is to upgrade its software version to solve this issues...

As you can see in my previous post, there is the highlight 'bout installing the new software version...

Many release of Canopy Software Version has been done, they (motorola.canopywireless.com) only  list the most recent...


I thought that you Guys could manage to get around the website,

well the link to the packages (canopy software update) are hidden, before you could get access to it you must enter your ESN (MAC) and email address.. in this link below and will be sent to you in the email you provide (the links sent to you in your email expires within 48 hours).


FYI, check first if you use SM-DES or SM-AES so that you could choose the proper software upgrade for you.




If you need to install the patch then go ahead, as for me I didn't apply any patch at all.

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Guest ExtremeFusion

try this it is from another user here in testmy.net,  :txt-sry: I couldn't get a hold of the name...

in your TCP/IP properties

type this

IP :


Dafault Gateway:

According to that member, this is what the installer use to access the

Hope this helps... :angel:

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Guest aneljr009

HELP! how to know my MAC address? one member said that it is located in a sticker, my question is which sticker and number, my canopy antenna have many stickers and numbers..

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try this it is from another user here in testmy.net,  :txt-sry: I couldn't get a hold of the name...

in your TCP/IP properties

type this

IP :


Dafault Gateway:

According to that member, this is what the installer use to access the

Hope this helps... :angel:

I think there's something wrong with that post EF. here's the complete way to do it from http://www.testmy.net/t-18616

Accessing the Canopy page

1. Go to Control Panel, select Network Connections, find your Smart Broadband connection (LAN or High-speed internet) and right click on it.

2. Click Properties, on the General tab, find the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and highlight it(usually at the bottom of the list). Click Properties.

3. Under the General tab, select Use the following IP address and enter the following data in their respective properties:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Then click OK.

4. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera) and input this address on the address bar:

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Guest ExtremeFusion


This was what I am talking about....

hi happy new year..

coolbuster's right, you should copy all the record logs on the canopy before you change anything.last night i messed up with NAT configuration on the canopy, and for the love of god i didn't copy any attributes on the canopy before i reboot. I got totally no connection. i can't even access the canopy, but lucky me i been scheduled today for a contractor visit.

i think i've change the default ip of the canopy that's why i cant access it after inputting, on tcp/ip properties and on the address bar.

btw, this is what the contractor did to gain access again to the canopy. on tcp/ip properties:

ip address

subnet mask

default gateway

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Guest ExtremeFusion


If you are anywhere near Quiapo then try Raon, it has lots of electrical and electronic parts.. very cheap...

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