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Google Wave Invites


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i have a few invites as well if they run out :-P.

one thing to note is that you can upload files or wahtever you want to do in the whole thing without downloading anything...but http://gears.google.com/# is a useful tool because if you install that, you can create a "wave" post and then just get photos/files from your desktop and drag them into the post and it uploads them, which is easier than uploading one file at a time. and its quicker.

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Unless your using it for buisness purposes or have a Huge group of friends planning something. Your not gonna even need this.

That's my review on Google Wave.

I completely agree.

It feels somewhere between traditional email, a networking service like Facebook or a collaboration service. I haven't used it since the first day I got the invite. I would find it useful for working or group school projects or if everyone in your office at work is using it. But offices all use standard email for now and my school supplies a collaboration tool for group projects already.

BTW I can spare a couple invites if anyone needs it.

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i like it. i think that its more of a mix between instant messaging, facebook, with the addition that you can edit things in realtime with your friends editing the same post, and its alot faster...for me at least...i've been using google wave more than anything else...plus its awesome for me because when a client wants a guide, i can instantly have photos uploaded without waiting...so its easier to do screenshots and a guide and everything....this and skype have taken over my favorites....facebook is only good for playing poker now  :evil6:

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there was an hour and a half long presentation i skipped through and yeah they were focusing more on business/friend planning stuff..but then again they also showed how it can update to blogs and stuff.

but IMO i think its alot cooler than facebook and instant messenger...since its all in one place.

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IMO i think its alot cooler than facebook and instant messenger...since its all in one place.

Now all you have to do is convince your friends to quite FB and join Google wave. but you also have to convince there friends of friends and ect ect ect to join as well.

cause we all know how useless it is w/o a lot of people to use it with!

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